SecuriSync gives Peloton high security and easy file sharing


As specialists in business analytics and enterprise performance management, Peloton Group has a simple goal for their clients: using data to help them perform better.

Peloton’s key eye for high performance led them to Intermedia in 2011, when they became an Office in the Cloud customer. They deployed Exchange Email and Lync secure chat and conferencing to support their consulting teams working across the country.

Peloton Group, USA

Company Profile:
Peloton is a professional services firm specializing in business analytics and enterprise performance management.

Industry: Professional Services

Headquarters: Boston

Intermedia’s customer since: 2011

The Challenge

Peloton’s project teams are comprised of workers from many different locations. Peloton needed to consolidate all their documents in one location. It had to be easy to access, but it also had to remain completely secure and fully controllable. With the volume of data that Peloton’s teams handled, this solution also needed to be robust and scalable.

“We are consultants. So you can imagine the digital paper we collect for every project. And collaboration across these files is crucial,” says Charles Hausmann, Vice President and IT Manager for Peloton.

Hausmann already trusted Intermedia with his email and instant messaging data, so he turned to us to see what we could provide for file sync and share services. We recommended SecuriSync.

The Solution

SecuriSync’s integration with their other services —not just Exchange and Lync, but also Outlook and Microsoft Office—was an important factor for both Peloton’s admins and their users. Another factor was how easy it was to deploy: because they were already Intermedia customers, they just needed to activate the service in their HostPilot control panel.

“SecuriSync was a natural evolution. The fact that it was built into HostPilot made onboarding and implementation so much easier,” Hausmann says. “That’s a huge home run. One thing I champion at my company is ‘One username, one password.’”

No matter where they were, SecuriSync gave every Peloton team member access to relevant project documents in a shared folder—securely. Teams across the country and in the corporate office could access all their files and collaborate instantly. For Hausmann, and his users, that was a “big win.”

Even bigger was that it went beyond read-only access. SecuriSync’s mobile capabilities allow workers to review and edit documents from their mobile devices. This makes it much easier to develop the extensive documentation they produce for their clients.


With SecuriSync, we can use Active Directory to sync and control our provisions. Onboarding USED to take hours.

CHARLES HAUSMANN, Vice President and IT Manager, Peloton Group, USA,

Products They Use

The Results

SecuriSync has made all Peloton’s project work available to virtual project teams with the full security and control that Peloton demands. They have the flexibility to support dynamically changing teams, making new team members productive immediately, while also retaining visibility into who is using what documents. They safeguard access with the ability to remotely wipe shared files from systems that are no longer used or authorized.

SecuriSync has also helped Hausmann with his IT duties. “SecuriSync is like a virtual file server without the headache. The ability to control data, securely send files, and work across devices—that’s super slick, without all the hassle.”

Peloton now spends less time managing new users. According to Hausmann, “with SecuriSync, we can use Active Directory to sync and control our provisions. Onboarding used to take hours. Now it takes five minutes.”

Hausmann loved the simplicity of SecuriSync. He especially loved the rapid learning curve. “It’s easy for our employees to use. Just install the client and login with the information you’re used to—and then BOOM, there are all your files. SecuriSync is huge for our company.”

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