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Two hundred and fifty miles southwest of Denver on the west slope of the Colorado Rocky Mountains you will find more than 20 vineyards, in the part of the state known as the Colorado wine country near Grand Junction Colorado. You will also find ProVelocity, a computer services company that has been serving the small- and medium-sized businesses in the area for more than 10 years.

ProVelocity, founded in 2001, focuses on delivering desktop, network and mobile device management services and both on-site and remote support. The company has partnerships with industry leaders including Microsoft, VMware and Cisco. ProVelocity has invested heavily in service management systems to ensure every service incident is captured, managed and resolved as efficiently as possible. The team at ProVelocity realized early in 2008 that Exchange Email delivered the best value and highest reliability for their clients. The offering aligned with their mission to deliver unparalleled technical services and support.


Company Profile:
ProVelocity, an MSP based in Colorado, delivers top-notch IT infrastructure and support to SMBs in the greater Denver area.

Industry: Managed Service Provider

Headquarters: Grand Junction, CO

Intermedia’s customer since: 2008

The Challenge

As a managed services provider (MSP), ProVelocity is responsible for the management of their clients' IT infrastructure and for delivering the high quality service levels they are well known for. "Microsoft Exchange is a high profile application for every business we serve," commented Cole Nash, ProVelocity’s customer relationship manager. "These days, email and messaging has to work on desktops, laptops and mobile devices 24/7, or you’ll have a service problem on your hands that could result in losing a customer."

As an early adopter of cloud services, ProVelocity was looking for a reliable partner that could deliver a suite of management tools ideal for the MSP business model. They needed the control that would enable them to manage users and mobile devices from anywhere, anytime. "We have customers located across Colorado, some have offices in other states and even in Canada," says Jon Labrum, who manages sales and operations for ProVelocity. "The first company we partnered with couldn’t deliver the service levels we expected and just didn’t have tools to meet our requirements."

Jon and his team also wanted a partner that would allow them to deliver cloud services under the ProVelocity brand, making it easy for them to customize a complete managed services offering for each client. All-in-all ProVeloctiy sought high reliability, a full suite of management tools, world class support and the ability deliver customized managed services solutions under their brand.

The Solution

In February of 2008 ProVelocity settled on Intermedia as their partner of choice. "Intermedia had a reputation for delivering world class service to its partners," says Labrum. "They also offered a private label program to resellers and delivered a 99.999% financially backed service level agreement. Best of all, Intermedia had the tools we needed to manage users, Exchange services and mobile devices. The Intermedia control panel was a perfect fit for our business model. We also got an additional bonus, a dedicated partner development executive to take us through the initial startup of the relationship and to work with us on an on-going basis."

Best of all, Intermedia had the tools we needed to manage users, Exchange services and mobile devices.

JON LABRUM, Sales and Operations, Provelocity,

Products They Use

The Results

ProVelocity immediately began offering Exchange Email to its existing customers as well as prospective customers. The business has grown steadily every year. "Now it’s time to take a look at some the other opportunities in the Intermedia business cloud, including Cloud PBX. This service presents a great opportunity to build professional services around the offering," Labrum commented.

Intermedia continues to innovate and improve the tools it delivers to its partners. The recent addition of the mobile partner portal application allows ProVelocity’s support team to manage customer accounts while they are on the road from their mobile phones.

"ProVelocity has done a great job of successfully integrating hosted Exchange and cloud services into the MSP business model," says Bob Leibholz, SVP of Sales and Business Development at Intermedia. "It has been a great partnership for both our companies and we are happy to be a part of their success."

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