A small-town law firm competes nationally—thanks to Intermedia’s support and mobility


It’s a long way from Wall Street to Decatur, Texas. 1,500 miles, in fact. With a population of 6,000, Decatur’s picturesque town square is the unlikely home of Simpson Boyd Powers & Williamson, a small-town law firm that prides itself in taking on “the big boys.” Specializing in civil litigation and personalized service for clients, the law firm has attained some notable victories, making national and statewide lists for jury awards.

Those achievements have been reflected in the firm’s growth. “We started in Wise County, and over the years, we've grown into a national practice,” says Allen Williamson, a named partner. “We have current cases in New Mexico, New York, Oklahoma and California.”

But these days, winning cases takes more than wit and wisdom. When SBPW faces off against other legal firms, they also go up against their technology. Larger firms leverage enterprise-grade IT that’s backed by expert support.

Deploying that kind of IT is challenging enough for a giant firm located in the heart of a big city. What kind of resources can a firm find when they’re in a town the size of Decatur?


Company Profile:
Simpson Boyd Powers & Williamson specializes in handling civil litigation, specifically catastrophic injury cases.

Industry: Legal

Headquarters: Decatur, TX

Intermedia’s customer since: 2011

The Challenge

SBPW had the basics: on-premises email and a single IT administrator to keep things running. But when their IT administrator left, so did the expertise to keep the firm’s equipment and programs running.

The burden of maintenance fell to the more tech-savvy members of the legal team, who could be tied up for days ironing out support issues. In turn, they’d fall behind in the work that they should really be focusing on.

As they started researching the levels of service they needed to compete, though, they identified many complex IT needs. These included:

  • Around-the-clock technical support. “It's incredibly important to have 24/7 technical support in our line of business because we work 24/7,” says Kristy Campbell, a partner at SBPW. “It's very possible that we are up here on Sunday afternoons or on Saturday nights, and if we really need somebody to help us out, we need a return call back and a solution to the problem.”
  • Mobile IT access. “We had a basic e-mail server that didn't take us to the next level. It certainly wasn't mobile-friendly,” says Williamson. “I remember the days where I had to be at my desk in my office to get my e-mail.  I couldn't get it at home; I couldn't get it on my phone; I couldn't get it while I was on the road.”
  • High security, on-site and on the road. “For many of our cases, we are traveling constantly,” says Campbell, “and we need to access our files, our servers and our emails and communicate with one another. But we have to keep things secure and confidential.”
  • Anywhere access to important files. It’s no longer efficient to ship boxes of documents in advance of a trial or a deposition—especially because, when an attorney needs a specific document, it has to be available instantly. “I've got a case right now where I've got 50,000 documents that have been produced,” Williamson says.
  • Seamless migration. “We had to guarantee the e-mails, the messages, the contacts, and all of their information was fully and accurately migrated,” says Mike Maendler, CEO of Technology & Beyond, the Intermedia partner that consulted with SBPW. “There is no margin for error in a law firm, and utilizing the tools that we have with Intermedia, we can guarantee that we have the processes, systems and accuracy necessary to make an easy migration.”

The Solution

To find their solution, Simpson Boyd Powers & Williamson enlisted the help of Technology & Beyond, a Dallas-area managed service provider. And the solution Technology & Beyond proposed was Intermedia’s Exchange Email and SecuriSync®.

Exchange Email enabled email access from SBPW’s desktop and mobile devices, whether at the home office or on the road. SecuriSync created a cloud-based file repository through which case documents were available and searchable while remaining secure. Data on computers, tablets and smart phones is effortlessly synched and backed up. Best of all, it was all backed by 24/7 technical support.

With Intermedia’s services, the chains that tied SBPW to the local office disappeared.

With Intermedia, we've found that they tailor the technology program to what we need, and it grows with us, and I'm very happy to say that we are growing, and so they're growing right alongside us.

Allen Williamson, Law Partner, Simpson Boyd Powers & Willamson,

Products They Use

The Results

Today, SBPW’s mobility, security and support are now as robust as their competitors’.

“With SecuriSync, I'm able to access and index data from wherever I am,” says Williamson. “I was in Mobile, Alabama, last week conducting a deposition, and there was one document that I needed out of that 50,000 documents, and I was able to get on my device and quickly find it for the deposition.”

Technology & Beyond’s Maendler points to the quality of service as the chief reason for SBPW’s IT success. “A lot of people make the mistake of looking for the cheapest solution they can find,” he says. “The cheapest isn't the best. What you want is a provider that you can count on, that you know has a strong commitment and dedication to serving its clients and the products they provide – just like you have in running your business. Intermedia provides a level of excellence that exceeds any other provider we've ever dealt with.

In turn, Simpson Boyd Powers & Williamson continues to grow. “We are a firm that has been growing since 1998, and we see nothing but growth ahead for us in the future,” says Williamson. “When you hire the law firm, you’re hiring the team, and that team now includes our technology partners: Technology & Beyond and Intermedia.”

Campbell echoes this sentiment. “With Intermedia and Technology & Beyond, we are able to compete with the larger firms.”


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