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ServNet’s client was Cipriani & Werner, PC, a mid-Atlantic litigation law firm with seven locations in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and West Virginia. ServNet had already introduced Cipriani & Werner, PC’s 170 employees to Intermedia’s hosted Exchange, and the experience of five-nines reliability opened the door to further expansion into the cloud. So as Cipriani & Werner, PC’s on-premises infrastructure approach its end-of-life, the stage was set for cloud application infrastructure.

Pittsburgh-based ServNet Technologies was founded in 2008 by Jim Gatto and Felix Yanko specifically to help small and medium-sized businesses with managed services and with leveraging the cloud to access enterprise-quality technologies at affordable prices.

To ServNet, the promise of the cloud is clear. But many clients need more than a promise. When a recent ServNet client began considering the cloud for their application infrastructure, ServNet turned to Intermedia—not just for the technology itself, but for the support they needed to prove their case.

But Cipriani & Werner, PC is a law firm. Which means the burden of proof is extremely high. In order to accept a cloud-based solution, the firm needed assurance that the cloud would exceed the capabilities and control of on-premise servers, without sacrifice and without disruption.

“I had confidence in the cloud. But when a client is intrinsically risk averse, confidence isn’t enough,” said Felix Yanko, President of ServNet. “To put it in legal terms: how could we prove the cloud’s potential beyond a reasonable doubt?”


Company Profile:
Pittsburgh-based ServNet Technologies was founded in 2008 by Jim Gatto and Felix Yanko specifically to help small and medium-sized businesses with managed services.

Industry: Managed Service Provider

Headquarters: Pittsburgh, PA

Intermedia’s customer since: 2010

The Challenge

Cipriani & Werner, PC had a traditional ProLaw environment, with on-premises servers at each of their seven offices replicating back to their main office in Pittsburgh. To implement cloud solutions, VPNs would need to securely connect each server to the company’s private cloud. Terminal services could give the staff anywhere, anytime access. But everything needed to be carefully planned and proven before a decision would be made—including sizing the servers, customizing the configurations, planning for migration strategies and testing the deployment.

It wasn’t enough to promise a seamless transition. It needed to be demonstrated.

The Solution

ServNet turned to Intermedia for both the technology and the sales support they needed. ServNet leveraged Intermedia’s Cloud Server for 1.2 TBs of storage to support Cipriani & Werner, PC’s ProLaw applications, SQL databases, Active Directory, file/print server, and six terminal servers. VPNs were provisioned for secure remote connections between offices, as well as terminal services to support the remote connections.

But the computing power was the easy part. ServNet also needed to migrate over a terabyte of data without disruption. And for that, they turned to Intermedia’s Cloud Concierge™ onboarding and migration team.

“The real key for us—and for our client—was Intermedia’s willingness to build a working environment as a proof-of-concept,” said Jim Gatto, ServNet’s CEO. “Intermedia clearly demonstrated that the cloud could be customized specifically to their needs.”

“Cipriani & Werner, PC had faith in Intermedia from their Exchange experience, and that didn’t hurt,” added Felix Yanko. “But Intermedia’s extra effort provided the burden of proof they needed to allow us to implement the solution.”

The combination of ServNet and Intermedia was a winner for us...

PATTY HAECK, IT Administrator, Cipriani & Werner, PC,
, ServNet Technologies

Products They Use

The Results

Intermedia’s Cloud Server now provides the computing power Cipriani & Werner, PC needs while cutting the number of servers they require in half. Early ROI estimates are that IT and operating cost savings will be cut by thirty percent at a minimum. What’s more, Cipriani & Werner, PC now relies on best-in-class hardware, best-of-breed software, and the same reliability and security enjoyed by Fortune 500 costs. The firm’s employees are already boosting productivity with better mobile access and tools for working remotely.

Best of all, Cipriani & Werner, PC is investing capital in growth instead of infrastructure, knowing that their cloud can easily scale to keep pace with growth.

“The combination of ServNet and Intermedia was a winner for us with hosted Exchange alone,” said Patty Haeck, Cipriani & Werner, PC’s IT administrator. “Now, with Cloud Server, we get the same superior experience across all our line-of-business applications that we already get from our email.”

“Intermedia provides exceptional technology, and they back it up by even better sales support,” echoed Felix Yanko. “Not only can we leverage their cloud services, but we can leverage their partner support. They truly provide everything we need to move our clients into the cloud.”

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