TeleSign Simplifies Web Application Access with Intermedia AppID® Enterprise

The Background

Cloud and mobility technologies have seen explosive growth in recent years, offering greater productivity and cost benefits — particularly for the increasingly mobile employee. Research shows that by 2017, enterprise organizations will run an average of 52 cloud applications, nearly tripling the 18 used in 2015. Due to this growth, managing usernames and passwords for numerous Web applications has become cumbersome, insecure and error-prone.

At the same time, cyber crime is costing the global economy hundreds of billions of dollars every year. According to a recent survey from Statistica, 78 percent of participants said they were concerned about their accounts getting hacked. Demand for mobile identity solutions has never been greater.

Meeting this demand since 2005, TeleSign helps secure more than 3.5 billion end-user accounts across the world. Driven by real-time global intelligence, TeleSign’s cloud-based APIs and SDKs help prevent registration fraud, reduce the risk of account takeover and securely authenticate end users across their account lifecycle without sacrificing ease of use.   

While the company’s own technology helps protect internal accounts for their employees, TeleSign Global Information Security Director, Kiat Hui, recognized a need to simplify IAM for TeleSign employees and the many Web applications they use every day.


Company Profile:
With a growing number of Web applications, TeleSign needed a unified platform for identity and access management (IAM). Implementing Intermedia AppID Enterprise, the company achieved greater security and streamlined access to Web applications, which together drove greater employee satisfaction.

Industry: Mobile identity solutions

Headquarters: Marina del Rey, CA

Intermedia’s customer since: 2016

Company size: 300

The Challenge

Given the rapid growth of Web applications, Hui found that IAM at TeleSign was becoming increasingly cumbersome. Each Web application required its own username and password, prompting employees to manually log in to applications each time they needed to use them. Employees would often attempt to memorize many passwords, and when they got locked out, they required assistance from IT.

According to Intermedia’s 2015 Insider Risk Report, 69 percent of the respondents keep track of their passwords by memorizing them, and 50 percent use the same password for multiple business applications.

“It became very complex,” said Mr. Hui. “People had to remember many different passwords and kept getting locked out. We needed a solution that would help us unify all Web application credentials.”

In addition, provisioning and de-provisioning user accounts was a time-consuming, manual process. Whenever an employee was hired or left the company, IT needed to add or delete accounts manually for each and every application.

Lastly, each Web application used by TeleSign employees had its own security settings. There was no uniformity, and IT had to implement its two-factor authentication technology separately for each application.

“As a Global Information Security Director, I want security settings that are uniform across all applications,” said Hui. “It helps ensure our data is protected and streamlines processes for the IT team.”

To meet these objectives, Hui needed a customized, single sign-on platform that would enable TeleSign to fully maximize the business benefits of Web applications while protecting accounts and simplifying account management.

The Solution

In February 2016, TeleSign implemented Intermedia AppID Enterprise globally across the organization. The solution gives TeleSign’s over 300 employees the freedom to work anytime, anywhere and from virtually any Web application or device without multiple login credentials. Employees access their applications through a single, customized portal that requires just one password to remember rather than multiple passwords for their many Web applications.

Hui appreciates the simplicity of the solution as it provides advanced single sign-on to any Web application—regardless of where it’s hosted and whether it supports standards such as SAML. “We were pleasantly surprised that the solution was very easy to install, register and use,” said Hui. “Everybody loves it.”

They also appreciate that account security is now uniform and automated. Security is enforced with two-factor authentication for all Web applications. With its dynamic password management, AppID Enterprise enables TeleSign to automate password changes and replace weak user-created values with passwords that are long, strong and unique for every account.

New Web applications can be added in less than a minute, and built-in enrollment enables TeleSign to easily deploy multiple Web applications across thousands of users in a matter of hours. Additional capabilities enable TeleSign to control access to Web application features, mask sensitive data and access a detailed audit trail of employees’ interactions with applications. 

The [Intermedia AppID®] solution was adopted globally, and the fact that penetration is virtually 100 percent speaks volumes about the satisfaction we saw in our employees. They were so pleased. There was no turning back.

Brian Czarny,
SVP of Marketing, TeleSign

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The Results

TeleSign has achieved immense employee satisfaction with the new IAM solution. Employees no longer need to remember multiple usernames and passwords or worry about getting locked out of important Web applications.

In just a few weeks, nearly 100 percent of employees have adopted the solution. Employees were extremely pleased with how simple the portal is to use. All of the company’s popular Web applications were integrated with the solution, making them easy for employees to access during a regular workday.

“The solution was adopted globally, and the fact that penetration is virtually 100 percent speaks volumes about the satisfaction we saw in our employees,” said TeleSign SVP of Marketing, Brian Czarny. “They were so pleased. There was no turning back.”

Hui also appreciates how easy it was to work with Intermedia. Rolling out the solution was seamless and customized to the company’s needs. “Huge kudos to the Intermedia sales and engineering teams,” said Hui. “They gave us great support and were very responsive to our needs.”

TeleSign looks forward to a long and engaging alliance with Intermedia. “The response rate of our employees was better than we expected,” said Czarny. “We’re thrilled and look forward to expanding our partnership with Intermedia in the future.”

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