WONGDOODY Completes Company-wide Business Uptime Goal with Intermedia’s Cloud-based Phone Service

As one of the most awarded independent advertising agencies on the West Coast, WONGDOODY is no stranger to helping businesses shape their company image. In fact, WONGDOODY has been producing and developing multi-decade long campaigns for some of the largest consumer and B2B national brands from Amazon to the likes of T-Mobile and ESPN. This rapid growth came with challenges, however.

While WONGDOODY’s existing phone service was functional, it wasn’t meeting the company’s goal of integrating its 100 employees spread between two offices. Their existing phone system faced the same problems many older phone systems do. WONGDOODY could only purchase refurbished phones, and it couldn’t add any new service features. The antiquated on-premises phone service was also growing increasingly more expensive to maintain. Over the last three years, the company spent roughly $2,000 in repair and upgrade fees alone. WONGDOODY couldn’t help feeling like its phone service was a junk car that was out of warranty and about to kick the bucket.

Further, the on-premises service required the IT team to maintain two completely separate services. Archaic administrative methods were resulting in significant expenditures of wasted time and money, especially as the service was unable to be managed remotely.

WONGDOODY needed a hosted, integrated voice service that could easily be administrated remotely and securely from anywhere and could support full features, broad customization capabilities and high availability – all with predictable costs and top-notch support.

WONGDOODY didn’t think these things would be hard for providers to offer. They were wrong.


Company Profile:
WONGDOODY is a full-service advertising agency

Industry: Advertising

Headquarters: Los Angeles

Intermedia’s customer since: 2011

The Challenge

The company soon realized these requirements were no easy ask. The IT team went to work performing extensive tests across several providers over a four-month period, but provider after provider failed its tests.

Following a thorough evaluation, WONGDOODY determined that RingCentral, 8x8, Asterisk and Kerio Operator didn’t meet its needs. These providers were deemed to be either too expensive, or inflexible with only one pricing option for a determined set of features.

Jeff Chambers, Director of Information Technology at WONGDOODY, shares his struggles to find the right voice provider: “Kerio Operator was an on-premises solution, and Asterisk was open source, so they both ultimately required more administrator involvement than we wanted. While RingCentral and 8x8 offered the VoIP technology we wanted, we found their packages to be quite rigid. For instance, RingCentral offered a set list of features at one price. We needed to be able to make customizations that weren’t possible there, in addition to paying premium pricing for unnecessary features. No one ever wants to pay for something they know they can’t use.”

Chambers continues, “After talking to providers many times over the course of several years, we determined we needed a Cloud PBX service over a hybrid or digital phone service because of the customization possibilities, robust features, consistent monthly bills and the fact that we didn’t have to maintain it ourselves.”

After an exhausting search, WONGDOODY had determined what it needed from a voice provider, but had lost hope that it existed. Then, Chambers spoke with Intermedia.

The Solution

After using Intermedia as its Exchange Email email provider, WONGDOODY extended this relationship to testing its voice offering. Sure, WONGDOODY thought Intermedia’s business email service and support were excellent, but how did they compare to the challenging real-time demands of business-class voice?

Intermedia’s business voice service, Cloud PBX, passed WONGDOODY’s evaluations with flying colors and has been ever since. Key feature benefits that sealed the deal for Chambers include:

  • No upfront capital expenditure. “Uncommon to other VoIP providers, we didn’t have to write a big check to switch to Intermedia. It would have been rough to get such a large expense signed off when our current phone service was technically still working, so this was a big benefit.”
  • Hands-off migration. “We received the phones of our choosing, auto provisioned with phone numbers and under warranty directly from Intermedia. The phones required zero setup upon arrival, and we were even able to bring 200 existing direct dial phone numbers with us.”
  • Above and beyond service. “We even received a free network consultation and product trial. It’s so reassuring to know the extensive measures Intermedia took before we were a customer to help ensure we’d experience optimal voice quality.”
  • No binding contracts or terms. “Intermedia even gives you the ability to take paid off phones elsewhere, as a testament to the level of service it provides. This flexibility and quality of service made moving to cloud voice with Intermedia a no-brainer.”

WONGDOODY had several specific customization requirements. One of the largest included having the ability to have an auto attendant for each office. This enabled WONGDOODY to maintain the separate cultural identities of its office locations. These personalized elements extend to the selected hold music, the prompt voice and style used for each individual company group. Its just smart business for WONGDOODY’s accounting department call menu to have a different personality than the creative team’s, for example.

Chambers also recognized the time-saving benefit of how Intermedia’s voice services seamlessly integrated with Active Directory®. “High turnover is common in advertising, so Intermedia’s CallScape is awesome for us. With this click to dial and directory, we can view all active numbers across the company, without having to maintain a manual spreadsheet.”

It’s hard to stay in business when customers can’t get ahold of you. It’s such a big deal to us that limiting our risk of operational downtime is a company mandate. We feel so confident in Intermedia’s Cloud PBX service. It’s always on, with automatic transitions to failover nodes on both coasts in the event of a natural disaster. It’s so reassuring to know that our customers won’t experience any loss of call functionality with Intermedia.

Jeff Chambers,
Director of Information Technology, WONGDOODY

Products They Use

The Results

Chambers estimates the savings of switching to cloud-based business voice to be substantial. “The cost of maintaining an aging on-premises phone service is definitely more expensive than the cost of moving to a hosted voice service. This is especially the case with Intermedia’s flexible hardware purchasing options. By moving to the cloud, we don’t have to pay for a phone system, or the maintenance of one. We’re also achieving extended savings that you don’t initially think about, like electricity, cabling and the massive amount of time that we’ve been able to recover within the IT team alone. The added value is tremendous,” he shared.

Chambers continued, “As a growing company looking to open additional offices in New York City and beyond, Intermedia has made scaling as easy as taking a provisioned phone off of a desk and plugging it in when and where we need it. Now, we can stay focused on growing the business without worrying about finding a local phone provider.”

Chambers highly recommends Intermedia’s voice services to any business that can’t afford to have a break in phone service. “It’s hard to stay in business when customers can’t get ahold of you. It’s such a big deal to us that limiting our risk of operational downtime is a company mandate. We feel so confident in Intermedia’s Cloud PBX service. It’s always on, with automatic transitions to failover nodes on both coasts in the event of a natural disaster. It’s so reassuring to know that our customers won’t experience any loss of call functionality with Intermedia,” he said.

Active Directory is either a registered trademark or trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

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