HostPilot® Services and Control Panel Upgrade

Intermedia is upgrading the HostPilot control panel on your account. This new HostPilot control panel will give you access to the same services, and much more. To make it easy, we will set up a new account for you and once you accept the terms and conditions on your new account we will take care of the rest.

Below you will find a link to a Knowledge Base article on the detailed steps with a screenshot on how to access your new account. We've also included FAQs to answer your questions.

An email has been sent to you along with a notice on your existing HostPilot control panel detailing the dates that this upgrade will occur. For more details about the migration process, please select the tab for the service we currently provide.

General FAQs

Is this upgrade mandatory?


What actions are required?

Accept the terms and conditions on the new account by following the steps in the Knowledge Base article here:

What about billing?

We will transfer the billing method (credit card) and billing address on your existing account to the new account. We will begin billing your new account the month after you have accepted the terms and conditions on the new account, and all billing will be monthly. Note: Billing history will not transfer to the new account. Please download from your existing account if you need billing history.

What happens to my existing account?

Your existing account will be closed on February, 28, 2019.

What about pricing?

Pricing is detailed in the email we sent to you. For the most part, pricing will be the same, and in some cases, you may see a reduction in your bill as storage limits have increased.

Will my control panel credentials change?


Who do I contact for more information?

You can reach out to your account manager or call our main support line at 800-379-7729, option 3.

Will my account number change?

Yes, although control panel credentials (username/password) to access your account will not change, you will have a new account number.

What about account contacts?

Once you accept the terms and conditions on the new account, we will import your existing account contacts to your new account. You always have the option to make changes to your account contacts, and we recommend you review these.

Email FAQs

When will my new account be ready to use?

Within 4 weeks of accepting the terms and conditions on the new account, Intermedia will migrate mailboxes and content to the new account. You can log in to your new account a few days after accepting the terms and conditions to familiarize yourself with the new look and feel of the control panel. Migration should be seamless, however, at the end of 4 weeks, please be observant of mail flow, and if you see any issue, please contact support at 800-379-7729, option 3.

Do I need to do anything during the migration period?

No. We intend for the migration to be seamless for our customers as we redirect requests from the old source mail server to the new one. After migration is completed and redirections are in place, we recommend that you update your client settings with the new server name for better performance. You can find details on this process in this Knowledge Base article:

How do I access my email during the 4-week migration period?

If you access your mailboxes from an email program (Outlook or Thunderbird), there will be no changes to how you access your email. To access your mailboxes from the web, you will need to use After migration is completed, you can access your mail from the Intermedia unified login page at or via the web mail portal at

Will mailbox credentials change?

Mailbox logins will remain the same, however, passwords may need to be updated to meet Exchange requirements. See this Knowledge Base article for details: If you have not updated your password, we will generate a random password on mailbox creation. The account owner would then need to log in to the control panel and reset the user password. We strongly recommend passwords be updated before migration to avoid access issues after migration is completed.

Is there anything else I need to know?

When accessing your new mailboxes, you need to use your primary email address (main email address, not an alternate or alias email address) as your username.

Will there be an interruption in mail flow?

No. For accounts where Intermedia hosts the DNS, we will point the MX records to the new mail servers. For accounts where Intermedia does NOT host the DNS, we recommend that you update the MX records to point to the new emails servers for better performance.

Where can I find the new server names?

Please see this Knowledge Base article for the new server names: For POP/IMAP mailboxes on Exchange accounts, you can find the server name in the control panel at Services > Mailboxes > POP/IMAP Email > Instructions.

What happens if I do nothing?

If you do nothing, your existing account and services will be closed on February 12, 2019. Any mail items or DNS records associated with the old account will be removed from the server. These items will not be able to be recovered after the account is closed.

What is included in the POP/IMAP email migration to the Exchange platform?

The following items will be included in the migration process: mailboxes, email data (server-side), aliases, and passwords that meet the Exchange complexity requirements.

What will NOT be included in the POP/IMAP email migration to the Exchange platform?

The following items will NOT be included in the migration process: stored contacts, stored calendars, autoreplies, whitelists/blacklists, forwarding, Spam Stopper, and Mailman mailing lists.

Intermedia hosts my existing account, but I manage my domain(s), so will my domain(s) be moved to my new account?

Yes. Domains will be moved to your new account when email is moved.

I have fax via email on my account. What happens with that?

We will move your existing fax number to your new account, and you will receive faxes on the same email address(es) you currently use. Fax logs from your old account will be moved to your new account.