Exchange 2019 Preview Accounts

Terms & Conditions





You have requested that, Inc. (“Intermedia”) establish a preview Microsoft® Exchange 2019 email account for you (the “Preview Account”). Exchange 2019 is not yet available for commercial sale. However, Intermedia will make the Preview Account available to you, free of charge, for thirty (30) days from the activation date of the Preview Account (the “Preview Period”). The Preview Account is not for production use, and we will not be able to upgrade Preview Accounts to full production, paid accounts. The purpose of the Preview Account is solely to enable you to preview the features and functionality of Exchange 2019.

Intermedia strongly recommends that you and your end users do not migrate any existing data from your current email account to the Preview Account. The Preview Account will be terminated promptly following the completion of the Preview Period, and any data stored in the Preview Account will be permanently deleted in accordance with your service agreement with Intermedia. Intermedia’s standard forms of Master Service Agreement can be found at

To participate in this Preview Account program, an Intermedia reseller or customer (as applicable) must be and remain in good standing with Intermedia at all times and must not be in violation of any relevant agreements or policies or be past due on any obligations. Intermedia reserves the right to discontinue or change the terms of this Preview Account program at any time. Intermedia further reserves the right of final decision on the interpretation of these terms and conditions.