Intermedia Office in the Cloud™ works with

Work smarter and improve your productivity with our integration. It is available to all of our customers at no extra cost.

With Salesforce being the leading CRM solution in the market, we decided to integrate our Office in the Cloud suite of solutions, including email, voice, and identity access and management, with Salesforce to improve your efficiency and security.

Sync email with Salesforce

With our integration between Outlook and Salesforce, you get improved productivity with two-way integration of your emails, leads, contacts and calendar.

In Outlook you can manually add your emails to your contacts and leads in Salesforce, as well as other records related to them, like accounts, opportunities and cases. At the same time, you can search and find Salesforce contacts and leads related to your Outlook emails. Start saving time at no additional cost.

Streamline your sales process with Cloud PBX integration with Salesforce

Intermedia's Cloud PBX is also integrated with Salesforce, using our free desktop application, CallScape, which allows you to see who within your company is on the phone.

CallScape also allows you to Click to Call someone in the office, click to answer an incoming call, and see who is calling you. With our Salesforce integration, an incoming call will automatically pop open the customer's record in Salesforce, making the customer experience richer and more personalized.

This is a great tool to increase the productivity and overall efficiency of your sales team and give them easy access to critical customer information when a call comes in.

Sign on to Salesforce and other web applications with just one password

Intermedia AppID®, our identity and access management platform, provides an easy-to-use and easy-to-deploy Single Sign-On (SSO) solution for your business. Now you can sign into Salesforce and other web apps with just one password, minimizing security risks while maintaining control.

AppID provides a simpler experience for your teams who use Salesforce by eliminating the need to type in their password every time they login to the application.  This helps your employees become more productive and reduces the password reset support calls to the IT help desk, leaving time for more pressing issues.

For Partners:

The integration of Intermedia’s Office in the Cloud with Salesforce lets you expand your base and target the numerous companies currently using Salesforce’s leading CRM solution. Increase interest in your email service, improve customer loyalty and achieve strong margins with new professional services.