Office 365 and Email Archiving: A solid foundation

Microsoft Office 365 is synonymous with digital productivity and remains the ultimate standard for each niche in which one of its bundled programs resides. First introduced in 1989, it has evolved over the course of more than 25 years to take advantage of the changing world we live in.

Love letters have been written in it, deals have been settled using it, professors lecture their students with it, and millions, if not billions, of lives have been impacted by something created within its familiar windows. It spans different operating systems and even makes an appearance on our phones and other mobile devices.

I dare you to find a single individual who has not encountered or experienced the benefits of Microsoft Office in some way shape or form.

The growing importance of email archiving to businesses

In the last few years, the importance of archiving among businesses has steadily increased to the point that it is not a question of “if” you will archive, but “how.”

Archiving is the practice of preserving a copy of all email communication on an external server. The purpose of this automatic retention is to have a complete, searchable and auditable record of all business communication.  These archives can be used to recover from major data loss or to meet specific compliance standards, such as those contained in HIPAA, FRCP, GLBA and the regulations issued by the SEC and under SOX.

Microsoft jumped on this train early on and introduced a baked-in archiving function into Microsoft Exchange that users can pay an extra monthly fee per user per month to unlock. For this extra subscription fee, you unlock the following main features:

Unlimited archiving storage

Exchange online archiving users benefit from unlimited storage to maintain archived mailbox data including compatible attachment types. There is originally a 100 GB cap put in place, but this can be removed with a call to support once a user starts to get close.

Single sign-on compatibility

Admins can take advantage of internal systems that use a federated active directory login service that, once configured, allows users to use a corporate login to reach their archives.

Legal hold for later eDiscovery

Often, the data within an archive is used during legal proceedings or audited to ensure compliance with a specific set of compliance requirements. By flagging archives with a legal hold, IT can open them up to eDiscovery, in which the specific information needed can be searched for directly.

Intermedia's Resource Center

Intermedia Email Archiving fills the gaps

The built-in archiving functionality found in Office 365 is a very effective solution, but some users can find themselves wanting additional functionality. Many of the users demanding more have found an acceptable solution in the form of Intermedia’s compliant Email Archiving solution.

Almost universal file type compatibility

With over 50 types of supported attachments, many users will find their needs met by the basic Office 365 archiving service. But those who deal with uncommon file types on a regular basis and would like them to be included in their personal archive will be happy to know that Intermedia Email Archiving supports over 500+ unique types.

Money savings on archiving control for inactive users

Often when an employee leaves a position, businesses like to preserve the archives left behind for compliance or future audits. Although a user may be labeled inactive in Office 365, the company must still pay the standard user rate to maintain an archive. With Intermedia Email Archiving, this money drain disappears as individual archives and their attachments are preserved regardless of the status of the user account. This leads to a significant reduction in long-term archiving costs.

Automatic scaling for total archive storage

Intermedia offers flat-rate, unlimited storage with all archiving accounts. As your archive grows, the allocated storage amount grows with it to ensure no data is left behind.

Additional security and support

Intermedia is standing by 24/7 to answer any and all support and other technical questions you may have while using our Email Archiving solution. We are proud to say we maintain typical hold times of less than 60 seconds before you are connected with live support.

In addition to all of the included security features in Microsoft Exchange, we provide full-time encryption, both in-transit and at-rest, for all data being sent into and out of your archive.

Additionally, we disperse and replicate your data across our various data centers to ensure the risk of data loss is as low as possible. In fact, we offer data resiliency out to 99.999999999%. And, we do not allow any commingling of archived data between different customers to help ensure that data corruption is never an issue.

To learn more about the benefits of Intermedia Exchange Archiving over other alternatives please check our website for more details, or watch and listen to what one of our customers has to say about their experiences with our complete archiving business solution.