Office 365 Security: Is It Enough

Fresh out of the box, Office 365 is designed meet the needs of an extremely wide demographic as effectively and completely as possible. However as with all demographics, some users will require little to no security while others will require extremely high levels of baked-in protection.

Office 365 currently sits in the middle of this range leaving a large group of users wishing for additional protection when using the suite of products. When you choose Office 365, you must decide if the built-in security is a high enough level of protection to meet your needs, or if you need to take your level of security and control to the next level.

Built-in security

Existing Office 365 security attempts to protect your data on three main fronts: Physical, Logical, and Data. Physical security is designed to protect the physical side of the software through 24 hour monitoring of data centers, external and internal data segregation, biometric scanning and multi-factor authentication for access of data centers, and an extremely strict role separation with data center personnel.

The next layer of defense in protecting your data is a layer of human oversight, continually and proactively monitoring for malicious attack in the form of a dedicated threat management team. Continuously preventing rogue access to your data, they use a system of lock box processes to supervise escalation in a way that limits human access to your data.

The final layer is digital and consists of a dual in-transit and at-rest encryption system that minimizes exposure time of your data. This encryption system is also internally monitored by a team of experts that is dedicated to maintaining data integrity and deterring external threat.

Built-in control

Separate from the base security, Office 365 includes advanced levels of user control that help you protect and monitor your data once it leaves the protection of a Microsoft data center. This includes a multi-factor authentication system for use when data is accessed through mobile devices, and a deep rights management service to provide a customizable level of individual access.

Intermedia is there when your business needs more

Office 365 has a comprehensive physical and digital security system that works, but often leaves businesses wishing for additional features, external integration and extra levels of customization. Fortunately Intermedia has a number of services designed to meet the needs of these customers by providing them with the higher levels of security, integration and control they require.

Intermedia's Resource Center

Email Archiving

Existing Office 365 users with lower tier plans may find themselves exposed to unnecessary levels of business and regulatory risk specifically when using Outlook. These lower tier plans have storage size limits, retention span limitations on archived mail, and a reduced number of compatible attachment file types. Any one of these limitations can cause severe issues when a company has to conduct compliance audits and other types of litigation discovery. Additionally, an account’s archive is tied directly to the associated account, so if you delete the account, you lose the archive as well.

Intermedia’s compliant email archiving solution addresses these issues directly by separating an account’s archive from the account itself and allowing one to be preserved without the other. It completely removes the data storage limit and raises the number of supported attachment types to over 500.

Intermedia Email Protection

Office 365 users wishing for additional peace of mind concerning email security and phishing attacks may want to consider some of the benefits of Intermedia Email Protection, which uses multiple industry-leading email security engines that currently protect over 1 billion mailboxes globally to provide an outstanding level of protection against known, unknown and emerging email threats, over and above what single engine services can offer.

AppID Enterprise

For users who are more security-conscious of everything they do including and going beyond Office 365, Intermedia AppID Enterprise is an Identity and Access Management (IAM) tool that can provide a more full bodied solution for your business than standard single sign-on functionality that comes with Office 365. AppID Enterprise includes an app shaping capability that enables you to limit the actions that users can perform within a given cloud app as well as the type of sensitive information they can see. You also get complete end-to-end auditing capabilities so you know what actions users perform inside their cloud apps.

Every business is unique; learn more about how Intermedia can help meet your security needs with our variety of solutions today.