How to Make a Startup Work without an Office

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Working From a “Coffee Shop” Office

It’s the age of the entrepreneur and the startup, where everyone has two offices – their home and a coffee shop. This is a double-edged sword – on the one hand, it’s easier to build a team of young jobseekers who believe in your vision, and it’s obviously cheaper. On the other hand, the amount of startups which quickly burn out has left a bad taste in many larger companies’ mouths. Many of these same companies could be your potential clients.

Startups’ Issues with Legitimacy & Collaboration

While you know how productive you and your small team are, there’s less proof to offer prospects. Investing in and maintaining an office can signify legitimacy, but you don’t need to have one.  Plus, it’s far too expensive to just get an office for appearances.

This doesn’t just lead to issues with clients, but also with your team. How can you ensure productivity and collaboration when your team rarely is in the same place?

Using Cloud PBX to Signal Reliability to Prospects

When you’re in the mode of sparing every expense, it’s easy to look at things like solely using your existing smartphone as your business line as a way to minimize costs associated with additional phone lines. However, larger businesses look to work with companies that they think are stable, and if they discover that you don’t have an office before you’ve proven yourself a few times, that can remove this image. They may realize that they’re always talking to people on different cellphones that have no integration whatsoever. Cloud PBX, also known as Hosted Voice over internet Protocol (VoIP) can solve this problem in many ways:

Using Office 365 to Improve Your Startup’s Workflow

That takes care of the major external problem of an officeless office – prospect and client trust. However, what about the internal issues? How can employees, who rarely see each other, collaborate effectively?

Office 365®, a cloud productivity application suite, easily handles that concern. Forget version concerns, lost documents and unclear timeframes.  With Office 365, you can have:

With a little cloud space, some sharable apps, and a few phones, you can transform the image of your startup from a bunch of kids squatting in coffee shops to a highly organized team of professionals, and manage them like they are too. See more ways that Cloud PBX and Office 365 can help your business succeed.





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