Why Should You Add Cloud PBX to Office 365?

Many businesses have already moved to the cloud with Office 365, finding the advantages of file sharing, co-authoring documents, mobile access and remote administration to be more than worth the short migration time. However, your cloud integration doesn’t have to end at your PC – you can bring your phone system into the cloud too.

Cloud PBX, also known as “hosted voice” or a “hosted phone system,” is a cloud-based service where an offsite server manages all incoming and outgoing calls. Call data doesn’t travel over traditional landlines or through an on-site PBX system. Many businesses are already realizing significant savings on their hosted phone systems, in addition to increased functionality and efficiency. So why should you take your calls to the cloud?

Save 50% or More on Phone Costs

We’ll put the bottom line up top: you will save money over both a traditional phone system and an onsite PBX system if you switch to Cloud PBX. For starters, you save capital by not investing in massive servers or traditional phone infrastructure, both of which depreciate quickly. Expenses are low right off the bat because Intermedia doesn’t charge for migration to, or setup on, its Cloud PBX system.

With Cloud PBX, you only pay for what you need on a flat monthly rate per user. If you already have an Intermedia service, you can slash the price further by bundling the services, still on a per-user basis. Your costs are predictable and easy to budget, so there are no uncertainties when you scale up or down. Plus, you only have one vendor to pay.

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Complementary Features with Office 365

For every user, Cloud PBX plays nicely with Office 365 – most importantly, contacts sync up so you can easily call from your PC, receive voicemail as .WAV files in Exchange, and manage things like away messages, hunt groups and Find Me/Follow Me to help make sure you never miss a call. It’s all managed in the free CallScape desktop app, which also provides at-a-glance data on which team members are available, and integrates with CRM systems so that sales records for contacts are available when you call.

Easy to Install & Migrate

Setup is a snap – you simply receive the number of compatible Cisco or Polycom desk phones that you want, and plug them into your existing internet connection.

Everything else is handled on Intermedia’s end, including migrating your contacts and porting your phone numbers so that business continuity is assured. Migration is free of charge, and takes just 7 to 10 business days.

Fully Operational Mobile Agents

Cloud PBX can easily extend into the field with the mobile Softphone app. It brings all the functionality of the desk phone to your mobile device, so it looks like you’re calling from your office phone. Repair technicians, outside sales reps, and travelling workers make calls and manage phone use with the appropriate security and oversight. Administrators can control system access and wipe data remotely in the case of theft.

Learn more about why you should make the switch to Cloud PBX along with Office 365 today!