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Active Directory Integration

For the majority of companies, Active Directory® (AD) is the primary identity store that defines which users have access to critical business applications. But most web applications require their own logins, so users end up having to remember multiple usernames and passwords.

Intermedia AppID Enterprise seamlessly integrates with AD (and other Lightweight Directory Access Protocol directories) (LDAP), so you can leverage your existing IAM investments and extend them to any web application, internal or external.

Users get a central web portal with one login (their AD login) that they can use to access all their web applications. AppID Enterprise will remember all their logins for their web applications so they’ll only need to remember their primary login credentials.

This is very convenient for users, and it also provides extra security and control to IT admins.

Just-in-Time user provisioning

Just-in-Time provisioning automatically creates a user account in Intermedia AppID Enterprise the first time a valid AD user attempts to authenticate, negating the need for manual steps by IT teams.

Instant de-provisioning

If a user is disabled or removed from AD, then the user is no longer able to access any web applications that are managed by Intermedia AppID Enterprise, whether internal or in the cloud.

Simple policy management

By linking AD group memberships to Intermedia AppID Enterprise policies, you can ensure that users are automatically given the correct permissions, without needing to perform any additional steps.

Flexible deployment

The Intermedia Cloud can either be deployed off-premises with a secure connection to AD or on-premises alongside the directory servers, which are inside the firewall.

The Intermedia Secure Bridge can be used to create a trusted connection between the Intermedia Cloud and AD. To ensure that no directory information is exposed or accessible externally, the Secure Bridge uses a combination of strong FIPS 140-2 compliant encryption and public/private keys.

Salesforce integration

Intermedia AppID Enterprise protects Salesforce assets including Accounts, Leads, Contacts, Documents and more, without the need for expensive custom development. For applications built on the platform, Intermedia AppID Enterprise provides Single Sign-On (SSO) and granular application access control to any feature or function, as well as a comprehensive audit trail of all user activity.

Office 365 integration

AppID Enterprise provides more than just SSO for Office 365. Use the app shaping, dynamic password management, context-based authentication and comprehensive reporting capabilities to increase security and access management for Office 365.

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