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Context-based authentication

Context-based authentication balances trust against risk by letting you implement simple policies that allow (or deny) access to web applications based on contextual information - such as user role, group membership, device usage, location (IP address) and geographical location.

Context-based authentication dynamically adapts to context changes to:

  • Restrict access to high-risk applications that contain sensitive data to known office locations or to specific IP addresses (in the case of remote users)
  • Limit access to applications to approved or trusted devices
  • Require users to authenticate using 2-factor authentication (2FA) to access certain applications

AppID Enterprise automatically detects network changes and updates application availability in real-time. If a user tries to access an application and they don’t meet the contextual pre-requisites, you can decide how they are notified, including:

  • A 2FA pop-up that lets them “step-up” their level of authentication
  • Graying out applications on the portal if they are unavailable from a particular network or location
  • A message pop-up that tells them: “This application is only available from corporate headquarters”

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