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Application shaping

Intermedia AppID Enterprise features patented Application Shaping technology that enables you to manage web application features and functions. With a few clicks, you can set powerful policies to determine exactly which pages and elements within an app a user can access and/or see, such as menu options, buttons, links, tabs, etc. For instance, you can:

  • Remove or gray out functionality such as Export, Download, Attach File, Share and Copy
  • Hide or redact sensitive data
  • Define user access to features based on the user’s role
  • Monitor and log specific user actions with the option to capture screenshots
  • Restrict access to any element within the application

By controlling not only application functionality but also browser activity, you can minimize the ability to misuse and abuse applications.

Masking Sensitive Data

With AppID Enterprise, you can mask or redact sensitive or regulated data—including personally identifiable information—that would ordinarily be visible in the browser. This action can be decided based on the user’s role, group membership, device being used, etc.

Standards, such as PCI DSS, which require access to cardholder data (and the primary account number or PAN in particular), can be restricted on a need-to-know basis.

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