Private Cloud Exchange on AWS

Move your business email and other essential services to a secure, single-tenant AWS cloud

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Private Cloud Exchange on AWS Service Details

Customizability and scalability

Enterprises that are moving to the cloud or expanding operations often require more flexible and powerful email solutions than can be found in standard Exchange Email packages.

Unfortunately, few cloud service providers offer flexible deployment options for Exchange. It can be difficult to find a provider that lets enterprises choose between managed public clouds, private clouds and hybrid clouds.

Intermedia and AWS jointly offer the flexibility you need

Intermedia’s Private Cloud Exchange on AWS allows for a much more configurable solution in terms of customization, ease of integration with third-party applications, and higher levels of privacy for customer data because it resides on a dedicated server.

Private Cloud Exchange on AWS offers a cloud on your terms, as opposed to a vendor’s terms. With a dedicated cloud, you enhance your security and privacy options of your Exchange Email solution because you have more control over data, applications and services.

Flexibility is no longer limited to on-prem deployments

The dedicated deployment model on AWS offers new capabilities for your business email that were not previously possible in a public or shared cloud. This includes:

  • More integration: Private Cloud Exchange Email on AWS lets you integrate your business email with internal systems and legacy applications, giving you more control over data, applications and services.
  • Customization capabilities for enhanced security and privacy: In a dedicated cloud, customer data resides on a dedicated server. The provider can customize specific security parameters and has more room for additional privacy measures.
  • Better control: With Private Cloud Exchange Email, you can customize your data replication environment and enable easier disaster recovery

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