Private Cloud Exchange on AWS

Move your business email and other essential services to a secure, single-tenant AWS cloud

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Private Cloud Exchange on AWS Service Details

Flexible per-user pricing

AWS has helped over a million businesses in making the shift from the on-premises world to the cloud. It has proven to be effective in a broad array of services with a metered pricing model which lets customers pay based on the utilization of the AWS infrastructure.

The “elastic” nature of AWS means that administrators can quickly respond to increases in customer demand by quickly adding resources without the significant capital outlays needed for traditional data centers. Customers can reap large benefits in several areas thanks to this pricing model.

This pricing model has been ideal for many IT workloads—but not for business email.

Why not business email?

The AWS pricing model is not ideal for the use case of business email, especially for Microsoft Exchange. That's because Exchange was not designed with dynamic scaling in mind. Exchange business email does not expect to have servers turn off when load decreases, nor does it quickly take advantage of new resources when they are added.

A small number of enterprises have been successful in implementing Exchange on AWS, but only because they've dedicated extra staff to carefully monitor shifting capacity needs. The risk is high: it takes great skill to add or remove capacity for Exchange without putting the entire installation at risk.

Finally: per-user Exchange pricing on AWS

Intermedia’s Private Cloud Exchange on AWS is priced on a per-user, per-month basis. It offers a uniquely predictable cost model while maintaining high performance and reliability.

This unique pricing approach accommodates the way AWS customers want to buy business email. This is why AWS and Intermedia have recognized the importance of offering a different usage model to AWS customers when it comes to business email. AWS customers can keep costs predictable while gaining the operational support, compliance capabilities and advanced cloud security offered by Intermedia.

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