Cloud Server

An enterprise-grade application infrastructure platform designed for businesses of any size.

*Product and feature availability may vary by region.

Cloud Server service details

Dynamic scalability with Cloud Server

Efficiently deploy a hosted cloud server or VMware cloud solution around your existing needs, instead of overprovisioning—and overpaying—to hedge against future growth. Cloud Server makes it fast and easy to scale both horizontally and vertically directly from your control panel, without requiring a redeployment.

How are the Virtual Machines configured?

We've structured our virtual machine offering to provide initial configurations that match any use case. This helps ensure value by deploying efficiently while retaining the capacity to scale as rapidly as your needs change. Our virtual machines include:

  • High-capacity cloud servers. Up to 8 CPU cores, 1 TB of storage and 32 GB of memory.
  • Instant scalability. You can spin up new machines within minutes using your control panel.
  • Resource allocation and reserved resources. You don't have to queue for processing power, memory or storage that’s rightfully yours.
  • High availability. We leverage VMware HA Active-Active clustering and N+1 component redundancy at the server, storage and network layer.
  • OS images. Choose among Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise 64 bit, Windows 2012 and Linux (Ubuntu, Cent OS). (You can migrate Windows 2003 SP2 (R2) 32bit/64bit workloads, but new servers running Windows 2003 are not supported.)
Cloud Server Packages and Pricing

Cloud Server Packages and Pricing

Cloud Server offers four packages with up to 3 vCPUs, 4 GB memory, 200 GB storage and 300 GB of included bandwidth. Add-ons are easily available. Every Cloud Server includes our 99.999% uptime guarantee, firewall, and MUCH more.


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