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An enterprise-grade application infrastructure platform designed for businesses of any size.

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Cloud Server service details

Fixed monthly pricing

In today’s cost-conscious world, affordable hosted server pricing is more important than ever. You need a cloud server pricing model that fits your budget, and nothing constrains cloud usage like the uncertainty of metered billing.

With Cloud Server from Intermedia, you get predictable costs that encourage you to fully utilize your cloud environment without worrying about unexpected charges. Our pricing model also simplifies ROI and cost-of-ownership calculations which are traditionally a nightmare for VPS pricing estimations and middleware architecture services.

Cloud Server from Intermedia gives you a fixed price that's affordable regardless of company size:

  • Enterprise-grade technology: Cloud Server is backed by our commitment to quality including our storage and networking hardware, the VMware virtualization applications, and the Microsoft platform software. Learn more about Intermedia's Enterprise-grade cloud.
  • Automatic backups at no additional cost. To protect against data loss, Cloud Server is backed up every night. Intermedia’s technical support team can restore a full image or a subset of files if you need to reestablish access to your business data.
  • Exceptional Service Level Agreement. Cloud Server offers a 99.999% financially backed uptime SLA. If service levels fall below that threshold, Intermedia is prepared to refund fees to customers who experience outages.
  • Expert onboarding and migration. Our Cloud Concierge™ team assists with your migration and onboarding needs. They work behind the scenes to provision or migrate servers without interrupting you or your users.
Cloud Server Packages and Pricing

Cloud Server Packages and Pricing

Cloud Server offers four packages with up to 3 vCPUs, 4 GB memory, 200 GB storage and 300 GB of included bandwidth. Add-ons are easily available. Every Cloud Server includes our 99.999% uptime guarantee, firewall, and MUCH more.


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