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With the increasing popularity of freelance and contract workers, the trend of flexible work hours, and the ease of communication that technology has brought, it's becoming common to have at least part of your workforce offsite. In some industries, it's expected that production and creative teams are remote. Also, in certain departments, especially sales, being able to stay fully in the loop and organized while constantly on the move is essential.

Many worry that it's too costly to keep everyone at full capacity and don't want to incur the expense of a work mobile phone for each mobile employee, but it’s more attainable than you think with Cloud PBX.

Intermedia's Cloud PBX can integrate VoIP service for desktop phones into an affordable mobile experience. See just a few of the ways below:

Softphone mobile app features

This is the core of the mobile workforce experience – each employee can download the Softphone app for free so their mobile device becomes an almost fully-operational hub for their work communications. The app makes sure that not only do they never miss a call by using Find Me and Follow Me to route desk phone calls, but it also makes the experience on the other end of the call seamless. It will present a user's office Caller ID and phone number – a client never has to feel like they are getting substandard service or divided attention from an account manager who is "too busy."

Get calls where they need to be

Both Find Me and Follow Me are standard features in the Intermedia Cloud PBX package. Employees can set up their Cloud PBX lines to either ring simultaneously on their desk phones in the office and their mobile devices, or to ring first on one and then the other.

You can also set up hunt groups for specific functions – one for sales staff, one for customer service, etc. These can include both desktop and mobile phones, and either ring all lines in the group simultaneously, or each line in the group in a specified order. You can set it up in such a way that there is virtually no chance that the call will go unanswered, meaning you won't disappoint a customer or miss a sales opportunity.

Intermedia's Resource Center

Maintain control remotely with HostPilot®

IT admins manage Cloud PBX in HostPilot, a fully-featured dashboard that allows you to grant and deny access to specific functions, and manage accounts – even for your offsite employees. You'll be able to remotely wipe devices that have been lost or stolen, preventing unnecessary security risks with company data. And HostPilot provides a mobile control panel built into the Softphone app, so you never lose your management and oversight capabilities.

Control costs

The Softphone mobile app is completely free and available on iOS and Android, meaning most of your employees have an existing phone to install it on. As long as each employee has a Cloud PBX line in your plan, your whole workforce is mobile-ready without an extra dime. No additional hardware costs, no app purchases, and so long as they have an internet connection, no additional costs for calls in the US. These mobility savings are in addition to huge savings companies are realizing by switching to hosted phone systems.

Voicemail and email working together

If you already use Intermedia Exchange Email, your email and phone systems are designed to work in tandem to increase employee productivity. When a call goes to voicemail, employees automatically receive an email that contains the message as a .wav file. A mobile employee could check up on all missed calls quickly from their Exchange client when they get back in the office, or they could quickly get email notifications on their phone when they miss an office-only call.

In either case, contacts in both the Cloud PBX and Exchange Email systems are synced up, so a voicemail that shows up in a user’s email inbox can be responded to by email when calling back isn't an option.

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