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How can a phone line on the internet work faster than a hardwired landline? Even with just a decent connection, everything from calls to contacts works quickly.

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Cloud PBX is simply faster

Getting an enterprise voice solution isn’t only quick and easy to do, but it also improves speed throughout your organization. Learn why companies big and small are making the switch to Cloud PBX in order to save time, increase efficiency, and get world class service all day, every day.

Quality inspections ensure quick service

There are some instances when, due to location or wiring, a building doesn’t have a fast or strong enough internet connection for effective hosted voice service – Intermedia inspects and qualifies all customers’ existing infrastructure before any ink is dry, because we never recommend or install our service for the small amount of companies who would be worse off than with landlines. If you’re qualified for our hosted VoIP, then you can be sure of improved performance.

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Installation is fast and easy

You’ll notice the speed of Intermedia’s Cloud PBX solution right away, because installation happens literally within minutes. All you need are the desk phones, conference units and fax machines you’ve purchased, position them where you like, and plug them into your existing Ethernet connection. They are brought up to speed and ready to use.

Speedy number migration

Though not as quick as installing the hardware, porting your hundreds or thousands of contacts and numbers to the new Cloud PBX system is still convenient. Everything is handled on Intermedia’s side, complimentary, and happens in about 7-10 business days, during which time you’ll still be able to operate as normal.

More calls, less waiting

A Cloud PBX environment comes with several solutions to the fairly complex problem of routing calls:

Integration helps make employees more efficient

Cloud PBX from Intermedia comes with Callscape, a desktop app that enables your staff to complete more work more quickly. The reason? Everything they need is right at their fingertips:

Customer service response is fast

Intermedia has an SLA that guarantees an uptime of 99.999% - which equates to just minutes of unscheduled downtime in a year! Because our service is so reliable, we’re able to handle any customer service call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, answering in an average of 60 seconds or less. Plus, email requests get responses within 24 hours – you never have to wait long to have your questions or repairs handled.

Learn more about how you can save time and speed up your workflow with Cloud PBX from Intermedia today!

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