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How can a phone line on the internet work faster than a hardwired landline? Even with just a decent connection, everything from calls to contacts works quickly!

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Companies frequently have to evaluate the technology that they use to carry out day-to-day tasks, like data-collection, sales, and client services. Though this technology can often become obsolete, it always pays to determine the real value and real cost of investing in new solutions.  One of the most significant investments is time, which can also include the opportunity cost of suspended operations during installation.  

When switching an onsite phone system to an enterprise voice setup that’s hosted in offsite servers, it might sound like an ordeal – but with Intermedia, it’s not. Here are the quick and easy installation steps:

1.Test your connection

VoIP stands for Voice Over internet Protocol – as such, having reliable call quality requires a solid internet connection. Your company’s connection is tested extensively by Intermedia, entirely offsite so there’s no interruption to your business. This is done prior to installation so we can determine whether your office is a good fit for the Cloud PBX service. If your connection doesn’t pass, we can recommend changes to your network, but we won’t recommend that you use our products unless you have a sufficient connection to deliver a high-quality experience.

2.Select your hardware

Once it’s determined that your network is strong and fast enough to handle hosted voice, you can begin selecting your hardware – a vast collection of Polycom and Cisco brand desk phones and conference phones are available from Intermedia. If you already have phones from the compatible models, you can simply switch them to your new system without new hardware. You can have multiple phones on a single line, or individual extensions for each phone. The price is monthly per line, whereas each phone is a flat price, so it’s easy to scale to meet your exact needs.

3.Position phones for optimal use

Due to the nature of enterprise VoIP service, you don’t need to have dedicated phone line jacks all over the office for each desk phone – rather, they can go anywhere you like. You can even have phones at the homes of individual employees who would find it valuable, or bring them to and from the office if you don’t want to purchase extra hardware. They’re easy to move and position.

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4.Plug them in to your Ethernet

As for the actual installation – it takes literally just minutes. Once you have all your phones and have them placed where you need them, plug them into your building’s existing Ethernet ports. Just like that, they’re online and ready to make calls.

5.Offsite servers handle the rest

The rest of the work is handled offsite – Intermedia will flip the switch and give you and your team access to included solutions like our HostPilot® admin portal and Callscape. We will also conduct the porting of contacts and stored numbers, and sync them with any existing contacts in Exchange Email or compatible CRM software you’re currently using. The process takes, on average, between 7 and 10 business days, and doesn’t impede normal business operations, as you won’t need to disconnect your current voice solution until everything is set up.

With an installation time of just minutes, and the system being fully operational within a week or so, it takes very little time and barely any effort to migrate to Intermedia’s Cloud PBX phone system. Learn more about what Cloud PBX can do for your business once it’s installed today!

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