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Just because you are not at the office shouldn't mean you can't use your office phone. With Cloud PBX, mobile employees can stay connected.

For many, your office phone is the primary communications tool used to talk to potential customers, clients, and co-workers all around the world. While it may be a little old school when compared to newer communication mediums like Skype, Email, and Instant Messaging, it goes beyond simple text on a page by humanizing the method in which we communicate by bringing things like emotion and intonation. While nowadays there are perhaps more email’s sent then phone calls made, it remains an extremely critical part of the way business is done in the workplace and remains a crucial part of effective communication from afar.

While cell phones have added the gift of mobility to the humble telephone, there is often a dysfunctional relationship between the device that lives in your pocket, the computer you work on, and the phone on your desk. At intermedia we believe that you should never miss a call or have a question go unanswered because you are simply not at your phone, and have tried to blend the lines and unify the way you communicate by connecting your desk phone to your computer and your cell phone while leaving you in total control over how you choose to use them together.

Both our two part integrated mobility solutions are available free of charge and come bundled with all of our Cloud PBX systems.

Intermedia CallScape

Think back over the last few weeks try and count up all the hours you have spent on your office computer somewhere other than at your desk right next to the office phone. Regardless of if you were traveling, in a meeting, or working from the local coffee shop, any phone call made to you during this time would have gone unanswered and unnoticed. Intermedia's CallScape is an add-on for your computer that gives you real time updates on the status of your phone, gives you the ability to check voicemail on the fly and actively integrates with Outlook and CMS to provide up to date information about incoming callers before you answer.

Will CallScape, you have the freedom to work away from your phone physically while still staying connected giving you more workplace mobility than ever before at zero extra charge. For all users of our Cloud PBX systems, the application can be downloaded at no extra cost.

Forward to Desktop

Whether you need to answer or reject a call, check a voicemail, see the current status of a coworker, or look up a phone number, CallScape lives on your laptop and lets you access your phone directly from your computer in real-time. It allows you deep control to check missed calls or even listen to your voicemail directly through the CallScape dashboard. It also gives you the power to deeply integrate with your Outlook mailbox and address book to place calls directly from within outlook. You can do all of this from home, from the coffee shop, or anywhere with a stable and reliable internet connection giving you total control over the way you do business.

CRM Integration

It even provides additional value for the times that your phone is within arm’s reach. CallScape has advanced CRM integration with systems like Salesforce and eAgent by automatically looking up the phone numbers of incoming callers in your CRM tool and giving you the most current contact info as well as pulling up a list of the callers recent contact records giving you current information on the status of the customer and allowing you to jump right into things without wasting valuable time searching for records.

Softphone Mobile App

Having Intermedia CallScape is nice for the times when you are working on your computer, but in today’s fast paced world this is not always a luxury that may be available. For the times when you are traveling or out and about, we have designed an iOS and Android compatible app for your phone free of charge that allows your mobile device to act as an extension of your office phone.

The Softphone mobile app allows automatic call forwarding including your office caller ID, advanced features like voicemail to email, and Find Me/Follow Me functionality letting you customize things like ringing both your office and mobile phone at the same time and ensuring you never miss another important call while away from your desk again. T

Find me/Follow me

The Find Me/Follow Me feature is a customizable way of determining how you receive incoming calls on your office line. You can choose to have both office and mobile ring simultaneously when connected, or ring first on once device before switching to the second after a brief period of time. Regardless of what you choose, your caller will still have the same seamless experience from their side of the line.

Hunt Groups

Built on the request of sales and support staff, hunt groups ensure any and all incoming calls get addressed by the right people. They can be set up to ring all phone lines in the hunt group simultaneously, or in a previously specified order of escalation to connect the right person to the right caller.


For a customized view of how much your business can save, please check out our cost saving calculator and play around with the numbers a little bit to see your options.  Still have any questions about the many mobile features including CallScape and the Softphone app? Give us a call at 1-800-379-7729 and we will be happy to help. 

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