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There's nothing worse than losing opportunities and productivity to phone line outages. See how Cloud PBX can help.

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Failing Phone Systems Interrupt Business

No matter the size of your business, it’s important to always keep things running smoothly. There’s nothing more frustrating than having the staff and the budget to run your operations, but suddenly having some simple infrastructure fail on you. All those people and all those billable hours, yet all they can do is sit at their desk and twiddle their thumbs.

Nowhere is this more evident than your phone system. It affects Sales’ ability to call prospects and follow up with clients; it affects Customer Service’s ability to provide assistance and address concerns; and it affects IT’s ability to coordinate with the business team and fix problems.

An offline phone system can take all day to fix and utterly ruin productivity.

Why Landline Phones Fail

Traditional landline phone systems can be brought down by a power failure, which in most areas is pretty rare thanks to backup generators, failsafe systems, and more. However, in moderate and extreme weather events like windstorms and snow, old-school phone lines can easily be knocked out. They are exposed to the elements, and any physical destruction requires a crew with safe conditions to put them back into place. There is no backup system in place either.  If phone lines are down, there will be no phone communication for anyone in your building.

Hosted Voice with a 99.999% Uptime Guarantee

Intermedia offers Hosted Voice systems, also known as Cloud PBX, that are not taken out of play by phone line outages or even, to an extent, power outages. And that means business continuity for you. We have a guarantee of 99.999% uptime built into your SLA, which translates to just seconds of unscheduled downtime per month. Plus, the customer support is 24/7 and included with your service, so any problems that do arise are quickly resolved so business can resume.

Intermedia has reliable servers located across the US that are backed up by many secure systems.  Even if you experience a power outage in your area, your connected mobile devices will keep their features.

Synced Mobile Lines Keep Business Going Anywhere

In the disastrous event that all power systems have failed at your office, Intermedia offers another solution: connected cellphones through the mobile softphone app. These could be used at the office or remotely – wherever employees are. While employees could certainly use their own cellphones in these situations, the benefit of mobile devices being interconnected with your office phone system is that all contacts and capabilities are already loaded and can all be accessed from your company’s cloud. No capability is lost, from calls and conferencing to Exchange email and more.

Plus, you’ll be paying far less than if you gave employees specific smartphones that only connect to some of their office features.

Business Continuity When You Upgrade to Cloud PBX

So far, we’ve been discussing disaster scenarios, where power is out but the show must go on. However, Intermedia also offers business continuity when you switch your company over to a hosted VoIP system.

For one, all of Intermedia’s office hardware is plug-and-play and installs within minutes. Also, new-system migration and contact porting are taken care of by our staff offsite, with everything set up in 7 to 10 business days. Until the new system is in place, your old one won’t be disconnected, so your business won’t skip a beat!

Intermedia Cloud PBX can help businesses, both big and small, keep operating without fear of losing their capabilities to outages. Learn more today!

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