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If you’re operating a large-scale business, you need to find cost-cutting measures that don’t hinder your staff or operational ability. If you’re building a small company, you need to find easy-to-scale business solutions that don’t create unpredictable costs. In either case, there’s an easy place to start saving money that you might not have considered – your business phone system.

hosted PBX is a phone system that operates through a wired internet connection rather than through landlines, so all operations and data are hosted on offsite servers. Here are some of the ways you can save up to 50% on your phone budget by switching to a hosted PBX system:

Retain capital – save on phone hardware

Since the server is located offsite and is not owned, you won’t have to pay for a massive server infrastructure. That means no installation or time-consuming wiring. You won’t have to upgrade, either – your service provider performs necessary upgrades to the system. When you want to add new handsets or conference calling equipment, they’re available at a one-time discounted price per unit. So all you have to buy are inexpensive phones and adapters.

Make mobile manageable

You won’t need to purchase mobile phones for your employees – any mobile number can be set up for Find Me and Follow Me call forwarding. This enables your workforce to be in multiple locations without expanding the budget.

Save money on phone lines

With Intermedia’s Cloud PBX, you pay a flat rate for each phone line you add. You can have multiple phone units that share one line if your operation is small, and add phone and fax lines a la carte. This way, you scale costs only as much as you need.  Conferencing capabilities are included as well.

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Save time and money on service

The flat rate you pay for Intermedia Cloud PBX includes all service charges. Installation and migration come at no cost, and are quick and efficient. Intermedia offers an SLA of 99.999% uptime, which means limited downtime – and any necessary repairs are handled and performed offsite by Intermedia’s team.

Plus, Intermedia’s expert support team is available 24/7, and typically answers calls in around 60 seconds.

Save money on minutes

Limited minutes are a thing of the past when all your calls are online. Instantly slash costs on any calls within the United States.  

Keep workers productive

Hosted phones systems offer valuable features that you can’t always get with traditional landline phones. Intermedia Exchange Email and Salesforce both integrate with Intermedia Cloud PBX, so your employees get a more seamless and productive experience.

Cloud PBX accounts from Intermedia come with customizable auto attendants to sort incoming calls, hold music, and hunt groups you can coordinate to make sure customer call’s don’t go unanswered.

Make budgeting easy with predictable monthly costs

The main benefit you receive from all this cost efficiency is that you’ll always know exactly how much your phone bill is going to be. There’s no planning for the worst-case scenario – it’s the same scenario every month. No need for meetings to tell your teams to use fewer minutes, no working to determine where the over-extended parts of the system are. Simply scale up or down with your needs, and focus attention on efforts that directly grow your business.

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