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Entrepreneurship is on the rise

Entrepreneurship is one of the most difficult, rewarding career paths out there, and it’s becoming more and more popular as economic recovery takes its time inching forward. Though most start ups so-called “solopreneurs,” many find their success to be a double-edged sword.

Growing your business costs comfort and cash

As a successful solopreneur, you get to grow your business, but doing so means you have to adapt and add new, unfamiliar elements to the equation – namely employees and partners. Trust and accountability are difficult when your company is still a fledgling, and you may not have the resources you need to equip your workers with the means to do the work you hired them for. One thing you may not have considered yet is a company-specific phone system.

Cloud PBX can help you expand without burning the budget

It’s likely low on an entrepreneur’s list to consider a company phone system. After all, any professional you hire will have their own smartphone, and could theoretically handle all their responsibilities from there.  

While this may appear to be sufficient, many smartphones may lack security and reliability.  This is where Intermedia can help you.  There’s one type of phone system that will protect your interests and help your new employees stay connected, wherever they are. Cloud PBX, also known as hosted voice or Hosted Phone System, basically allows members of your company to make calls reliably over the internet rather than through archaic landline phones or smartphones. VoIP costs less than both of these services and has increased capabilities, too.

Also, consider your upfront costs. With the right provider, a hosted phone system won’t have large upfront capital requirements, will include a free phone, and give you unlimited local and long distance.

Keep your employees connected--even without an office

Once a compatible handset or desktop phone is given a line and number, has its contacts synced, and has been connected to Intermedia’s services, it is completely portable and can be used anywhere with an Ethernet connection. Are you and your startup’s founding members all working from your respective homes? Plug in your desk phones at home and make crystal clear, lag-free calls as needed. Finally, did you just get your first office-sharing space? If so, bring your phones along and plug them in. You can even add conferencing.

Why is Exchange Email better than landlines and standard mobile phones?

Unlike landline phones, you aren’t required to keep VoIP phones in one place, and unlike personal mobile phones, your employees won’t have to worry about issues, such as dropped calls. Intermedia’s Cloud PBX offers a 99.999% uptime SLA, which is much more reliable than a mobile phone. This is a very important consideration as it enables you to interact with customers and clients in a professional manner.

Keep your mobile agents connected

Intermedia’s hosted voice also comes with a mobile softphone application that works with most standard smartphones, so your new employees or partners can use their own mobile devices with your Cloud PBX services, while you keep company costs low. Your outside sales representatives, technicians and other employees who are out-and-about, are easily able to access company contacts information through the mobile softphone application, making reaching a colleague very easy..

Increase accountability and control while you’re still building trust

The mobile softphone application that your employees use can be accessed and controlled remotely by an administrator through the HostPilot® control panel. Your outside sales representatives can still have access to their services, but you will have the peace-of-mind that comes with being able to remotely shut down access to certain features or even wipe out data from their handsets if needed. Intermedia also allows you to record calls made using Cloud PBX for training purposes and regulatory compliance.

Establish legitimacy with your prospects and clients

What makes successful entrepreneurs stand out? Stability and consistent service. Just like you wouldn’t want employees sending emails to clients from their personal accounts, you wouldn’t want employees to make calls to clients from their personal phones. With Intermedia’s hosted phone solution, your customers hear a standardized company greeting or auto-greeter, the name of your company on caller ID when placing calls, and voice quality that is crystal clear. As your company grows, you can add things like conference calling, Toll Free numbers, and other services.


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