Why small businesses are moving to cloud phones

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Whether they are sole proprietors taking their business from mobile-phone only to their first reliable landline, or companies looking for cost-cutting voice service that doesn’t strip out features, more and more small businesses are moving voice service to the cloud, also known as hosted PBX. Why?

The cloud is affordable

For almost all of our customers, it is cheaper overall to use an enterprise cloud voice solution when compared to a traditional landline or an onsite VoIP service. Intermedia’s Cloud PBX can save you 50% or more on your phone bill, and that’s before you factor in the features it adds over traditional phone service. In small businesses especially, every cent of infrastructure needs to be carefully weighed – is it really worth the cost to invest in and maintain a large server onsite, or work with the limits and pricing of the local phone company? With Intermedia’s cloud-based service, you pay a small per-line rate, and a single price for any phone hardware you need.

Easily scale your coverage

Small businesses must be agile, low to the ground, and able to react quickly to changing conditions. This can mean scaling up or down, both in workforce and services. With Intermedia, month over month you can add or remove lines based on need, and quickly install new hardware. Scaling back on temporary sales agents? Cancel a few lines. Just got a new conference room? Add a SmartConferencing line. Your cost and service should reflect what you actually need, not what contracts you got stuck with.

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Backup is built in

A benefit of bringing all your data to the cloud, from call logs to contact numbers to emails and more, is that it is all saved there too. You don’t have to worry about local system crashes, difficulties with recovering broken data, procuring a separate backup server or an external drive per employee – everything is copied over automatically while using it, saving you valuable billable hours.

Support is on your schedule

Monthly cloud-based systems like Intermedia throw full-time support into the mix, allowing small businesses to delegate a large portion of back-end worries to a team of experts at no extra cost. That means you can reduce your IT resources and not be caught off-guard in an emergency. Though Intermedia has an SLA that guarantees 99.999% uptime (meaning just minutes of unscheduled downtime per year), we still provide customer service by phone and email 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Whether it’s your phone system , your Exchange service, or your productivity suite, Intermedia has the cloud solution that will allow your small business to thrive while lowering costs. Learn more today!

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