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Exchange Email in private cloud

Intermedia is the world’s largest independent provider of Exchange Email, the leading platform for unifying a business’s email, calendar and contacts. We recognize that each client has its own unique requirements and needs to adapt to rapidly changing environments. Intermedia's Private Cloud Exchange enables enterprise businesses to be flexible and secure while providing them the ability to scale with speed, in a way that addresses their specific IT needs.

Enterprises have different regulations and challenges when it comes to security and control. This is why we offer Private Cloud and our flagship product Exchange Email in a single-tenant deployment which is flexible enough to meet an organization’s unique challenges and offers new capabilities for your business email that were not previously possible in a public or shared cloud, such as:

  • More Integration: Private Cloud Exchange Email lets you integrate your business email with internal systems and legacy applications – giving you more control over data, applications and services.
  • Customization Capabilities: Exchange Email in private cloud is often the only choice for customization, giving you the flexibility to address specific IT needs.
  • Enhanced Security and Privacy:  In a private cloud, customers’ data resides on a dedicated server. The provider can customize specific security parameters and has more room for additional privacy measures.
  • Flexible Costs: A private cloud can be hosted by the provider or on-premise using the hardware of the subscriber – which eliminates the need for migration.
  • Better Control: With Private Cloud Exchange, you can customize your data replication environment and enable disaster recovery.


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Cloud on Your Terms, not the vendor’s terms

As you consider moving to the cloud or evaluating alternatives to the standard cloud solution in the market, be aware that private clouds offer customization and integration capabilities that can enhance data security and privacy. With our cloud on your terms approach our clients are not constrained by the vendor’s terms that apply to all their clients with a one size fits all or all-or-nothing policy.

Instead we build private cloud solutions that are tailor-made and design around your business to meet your growing and changing needs and allow you to focus on your business and what will differentiate you from the competition.

Which cloud terms can you customize with Intermedia's Private Cloud Exchange?

  • Product offering: we offer not only Exchange Email in private cloud but also Skype for Business, SecuriSync and Sharepoint, plus more than 20 essential IT cloud services so that you can design the perfect productivity and communication solution for your business.  
  • Disaster recovery: some enterprises require the ability to replicate corporate data to a second data center located in a different geography. With Intermedia’s Private Cloud Exchange, you can get a customizable data replication environment that lets you choose multiple options in terms of number of sites to have and how replication happens.
  • Service level and support: we can discuss your needs and on top of our 99.999% SLA and Worry-Free ExperienceTM you can have a dedicated Strategic Client Service Manager that knows well your challenges and is always available to respond to your questions and analyze new requirements.
  • Customizations and integrations: you can combine cloud email while continuing to use your critical legacy applications to achieve a perfect mix of security and scalability.

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