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Is a private cloud right for you?

A private cloud is not for everyone. In fact, in many cases, a private cloud can be the wrong decision. To help you understand your needs, we've assembled the four most important questions you can ask yourself to determine if Private Cloud is good for your company.

1. Do you need to integrate your cloud with internally-used business applications? 

If you need customized integration between your Intermedia services and your business applications, you can get this done with Intermedia’s Private Cloud. We provide integrations with cloud-based or on-premises business applications like Mobile Device Management solutions, custom SharePoint installations, unified messaging systems, and content archiving systems, among many others.

2. Do you need some kind of customization in your cloud environment?

Here are some examples of customizations that are only available in Private Cloud: IP-address restrictions, IPsec VPN connectivity, MPLS/peering available, in-line security appliances, collocated equipment or customized tape rotation.

3. Do you need to roll out new services and capabilities in a more agile way?

Agility and speed is one of the main drivers in Private Cloud adoption. Consider Private Cloud if you’re looking to scale quickly, turn on and off services with a low barrier to entry, enable new capabilities, test and experiment with new solutions.

4. Do you need data replication across multiple datacenters?

Private Cloud from Intermedia provides options for replication in one or two datacenters and supports your disaster recovery plan. This is not available in a public cloud environment. 

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If you answered "no" to the questions above, then a private cloud may not be right for you. However, if you answered "yes" to one or more of these questions, then a private cloud is indeed worth pursuing. Click the appropriate button below to connect with Intermedia and discuss your private cloud needs.

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