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Private Cloud FAQ

What is Private Cloud?

Private Cloud is a model of cloud computing that involves a distinct cloud-based environment that is used by only one organization. Access to the private cloud is limited to a single organization and implemented for a defined set of internal users. However, from the end-user perspective, the services behave similarly or identically to those hosted in a public cloud.

What is single-tenant deployment?

Singe-tenant deployment (or single-tenant instance or environment) is also used to refer to Private Cloud. The term Dedicated Cloud is also a synonym of Private Cloud.

What is the main difference between Private (single-tenant) and Public (multi-tenant)?

With a public cloud (or multi-tenant deployment), multiple customers reside concurrently on the same infrastructure. With a private cloud, only one customer resides on the infrastructure and has access to that instance or environment.

Is Private Cloud more secure than Public Cloud?

In the case of Intermedia, our Managed Public and Private Cloud have the same level of security. However, some customers prefer the Private Cloud environment if they are subject to certain legal or regulatory compliance requirements or because they need additional integrations and customizations to address specific IT needs.

When do I need Private Cloud?

In our view, there are five reasons to consider when deciding whether to move to Private Cloud: (1) whether you need some level of customization on your network or storage; (2) if you require custom integrations with your internal systems and custom applications; (3) if you need highly customized security parameters; (4) if you need more control over the deployment schedule for product updates and the flexibility to easily test new applications and services; and (5) if you need options as to how your data is replicated for disaster recovery. With Private Cloud, you keep the benefits of high reliability, great support, ease of management, mobile access, and compliance, while having a tailored platform that includes additional customization, integration, and data replication capabilities to achieve much more control and meet legal and business requirements.

How long will it take to set up Private Cloud?

In general, we can design and deploy a custom Private Cloud solution with dedicated Exchange Email and other services from our portfolio in a short period of time. However, the specific time depends on each customer and their requirements. Many of our customers are pleasantly surprised by our timing when compared with the competition.

Can I move from Public Cloud to Private Cloud?

Absolutely, you can migrate to Private Cloud. We have many customers that started using Exchange Email in our managed public cloud and now they are using it in a dedicated environment. There’s no change to the end-user experience, you still have access to HostPilot® and you keep the same support and SLA.

What kind of services can I have in Private Cloud?

We offer Exchange Email, Skype® for Business and SecuriSync® in Private Cloud, among many other applications. And we can also offer a Private Cloud with both dedicated services (like Exchange Email) plus other shared add-ons from our portfolio of 20+ essential business applications.

What kind of integrations can I have in Private Cloud?

This is primarily based on your specific needs, and there is no limit on the number of applications that we can potentially integrate into a dedicated environment. We have done integrations with backup solutions, Mobile Device Management platforms, custom SharePoint installations, Unified Messaging systems and content Archiving systems, among many others.

What kind of customizations can I have in Private Cloud?

We can develop customizations like IP-address restrictions, IPsec VPN connectivity, MPLS/peering, in-line security appliances, co-located equipment and customized tape rotation, among many others.

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