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Available services

Many of Intermedia's Office in the Cloud services are available in a Private Cloud environment. This page explores some of the most popular options.

Exchange Email in an Intermedia Private Cloud

Intermedia is the world’s largest independent provider of Exchange Email, the leading platform for unifying a business’s email, calendar and contacts. We provide Exchange in both multi-tenant and single-tenant (dedicated) cloud environments with high reliability and disaster recovery.

Private Cloud Exchange gives you more customization capabilities, integration with custom applications and remain fully supported by Intermedia. We help you simplify the management of Exchange in a single-tenant environment to achieve more agility and control over your business email.

Skype for Business in Private Cloud

Skype for Business by Intermedia is also available in a dedicated environment together with Exchange, SecuriSync and Sharepoint. Take office communications to a new level while providing a secure alternative to personal instant messaging services.

SecuriSync in Private Cloud

We also provide SecuriSync, our backup and file sharing solution, in both managed public and managed private (dedicated) cloud environments. SecuriSync in Private Cloud gives you more flexibility and customization capabilities while keeping the product within the HostPilot control panel with our Worry-free experience.

Microsoft SharePoint in Private Cloud

SharePoint can be hosted in a Private Cloud environment by Intermedia. You get the powerful sharing and collaboration features of Microsoft SharePoint with the power and control of a dedicated environment, and still you don’t buy any hardware.

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Intermedia offers more than 20 essential IT services. Talk to us about deploying these services in a private cloud environment. Click the buttons below to get started.

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