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Microsoft SQL 2008 hosting

Intermedia is exited to offer Microsoft SQL Server 2008, the high-performance database for sites with heavy traffic. Now it's available to all Intermedia Windows Web hosting customers as a new add-on option.

New in Microsoft SQL 2008

Choosing Microsoft SQL 2008 you will find the most enhanced functionality and latest improvements, such as: new date and time data types, a terser T-SQL syntax, integrated full text search, Language Integrated Query (LINQ), sparse columns, large user-defined types, enhanced encryption and XML support.

As a Microsoft Gold Certified partner, Intermedia has offered MS SQL for many years and now proudly offers Shared Windows, and Dedicated hosting plans.

Our MS SQL 2008 databases are hosted on dedicated database servers to provide you with a robust and high performance database experience. You can manage your MS SQL 2008 databases remotely via the SQL Management Studio or via HostPilot Control Panel.

Microsoft SQL 2008 Hosting Tools available in HostPilot Control Panel:

  1. MS SQL 2008 Database Backup Tool
  2. MS SQL 2008 Database Restore Tool
  3. MS SQL 2008 Database Commands Tool

MS SQL 2008 Hosting Pricing:

Details Windows Basic Windows Standard Windows Advanced Windows Preferred
Disk Space 200 MB 400 MB 1 GB 1.5 GB
Databases 1 2 5 5
Price $10 Included in plan Included in plan Included in plan

SQL servers can handle millions of transactions a day and provide an excellent backbone for high-traffic Web sites. Intermedia recommends Microsoft SQL Server (MS SQL) as a solution for data-intensive, e-commerce Web sites, or other sites that require high availability and performance.

If you wish to ensure maximum scalability and uptime and to take your Web sites to the next level, Microsoft SQL 2008 Hosting - is a plan of choice.

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