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Intermedia offers a variety of web hosting solutions on multiple platforms based on your specific needs.

Premier VMware hosting - Additional Services

Intermedia offers a number of additional services to complement your managed dedicated server. Please select an option for more details:

Managed backup services

Backing up your business data regularly is a critical best practice. Before determining your backup strategy, you should consider how dynamic your content is and how much downtime will cost you. Intermedia offers weekly and daily backups as add-on services for managed dedicated hosting packages.

Weekly backups are performed once every week on a fixed schedule. Daily backups are performed once every day– also on a fixed schedule - and are differential. These differential backups are complemented by a full backup that is performed once every two weeks. There's no interruption of service during a backup procedure.

The backup solution you purchase should equate to the size of the hard drive(s) in your dedicated server:

Backup (weekly) Weekly standard backup, shared backup device.
(Backup copy retention: two weeks)
1-40GB $55
41-80GB $75
81-120GB $95
121-160GB $115
161-200GB $125
Backup (daily) Daily differential backup, shared backup device.
(Backup copy retention: one week)
1-40GB $75
41-80GB $115
81-120GB $155
121-160GB $195
161-200GB $225

Firewall protection

Firewall and VPN solutions offered by Intermedia provide protection against unauthorized intruders and DDoS attacks, which can destroy your data and cause severe downtime or business disruption. Please note that the hardware firewall option is not available with our VPS plan:

Netscreen Firewalls Monthly Price One-time Setup Fee
Netscreen 5XT (10 Users) $120/mo $120
Netscreen 5XT (Elite) $195/mo $195
Netscreen 25 $595/mo $595

Additional bandwidth

Each dedicated server on our network is allocated a certain amount of "free" transfer. If you plan to surpass the allocated amount of transfer, you can save a significant amount of money by purchasing additional transfer in blocks of 10GB at $1.00/mo per 1 GB in "HostPilot > Web/FTP Server > Bandwidth Quota".

If you go beyond the allocated transfer amount, you will incur an additional "Per GB" charges at the rate of $1.50 per 1GB.

Pricing for additional bandwidth:
Purchase additional bandwidth quota $1.00 per 1 GB
Overage bandwidth cost $1.50 per 1 GB

System administration assistance

Intermedia's skilled certified technicians are responsible for setting up and maintaining your server. They install additional hardware and software as well as perform configuration adjustments as needed. System administrators monitor and audit your server on a regular basis against Intermedia standards to make sure all SLA commitments are met. Note that data migration time is not included with your server package.

Should you need more system administration time, for instance if you require special configuration work, it can be purchased as an add-on service.

Pricing for system administration assistance:
When purchased during the sign up process $80 per hour
One-time assistance $125 per hour

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