The Cloud Challenge: Realizing the benefits without increasing risk

This paper examines the issues and challenges facing organizations as they start to adopt SaaS. It provides practical suggestions on avoiding risk to data privacy, information security and compliance.


white paper: the cloud challenge

Cloud computing offers cost center and profit and loss changing benefits to organizations. Along with reduced cost, it enables organizations to deliver greater flexibility and availability of applications to the workforce.

The pay-as-you-go utility computing model, with its low capital cost and the agility of near instant provisioning of additional services, on demand, is highly appealing. Access to services can be made available on a wide range of devices wherever there is a wired, or wireless, network connection.

However, these benefits are heavily conflicted with loss of control, increased information security risks, forced downgrade to a ‘one size fits all’ security model, lack of evidence of compliance and accountability issues.

Measuring and managing risk is a key component of any cohesive cloud adoption strategy which should take into account both the business value associated with a particular cloud service and the sensitivity of the data involved.

This white paper helps you maximize the benefit of moving your business to the cloud.

Mitchell Berenson, Director of Marketing, Intermedia
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