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Free migration
For Exchange, Cloud PBX and most other services
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Our Cloud Concierge team is staffed with the industry’s leading experts. Whether it’s for Exchange Email, Cloud PBX, Email Archiving, or most of our other services, they’re here to move you on to Intermedia’s systems with no data loss, no downtime, and no disruption to your business.

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Migrating your users and data—at no extra cost

The hardest part about moving your email or phones is retaining the value that’s invested in your current system. Especially for email. According to Gartner, 80-90% of your business’s intellectual property is contained in your email.

Most email providers make you migrate your own email or hire a consultant. But Intermedia is different.

Our Cloud Concierge team implements a custom migration plan to move your existing users and data into the cloud with minimal interruption to your business—at no extra cost.

Overview of our migration process

Phase 1: Getting started
What’s the key to a successful migration? Rigorous preparation. For Intermedia, this includes:

Phase 2: Performing the migration
Intermedia migrates your users, emails, calendars, contacts, phone numbers, hunt groups, and much more.

Phase 3: Assuring a seamless transition
Intermedia assures that there’s no interruption to your users. The only change they’ll notice is a dramatic improvement in service.