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Low Cost Conferencing

from Intermedia. As low as 2.5¢ per minute!

Low, Flat Rate pricing as low as

Save 50% or More with our Low, Flat Per Minute Rates

Don't fall for teaser rates or bait and switch pricing structures. Our price plans provide you with one low, flat, per minute rate that does not go up, no matter how many minutes you use! Whether you use 60 minutes or 6000 minutes, or whether your calls originate from within your state or from across the country, you are charged the same low flat rate!

The Features and Flexibility You Need

Get the clearest, most reliable toll free service available, complete with all the business building features you need; web management, call forwarding, vanity numbers, 24/7 auto attendant ability, and more! Choose the plan and feature set that suits your needs, upgrade as needed at any time, and pay as you go, with no contracts or term commitments.

Intermedia, A Service That Works For You

We offer you what our competitors can't, dependable, high-quality toll-free number service at a low, flat rate. Founded in 1983, Intermedia currently provides business phone service to over 65,000 business customers and 5,500 partners throughout the United States. Our combination of industry experience, low flat rate pricing, and dedicated, U.S based customer service lets us offer you the best in toll free service.

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