Outlook Backup

Personal Storage Tables, or .PST files, are files that store the emails, calendar entries, tasks, contacts and notes associated with an email account. They are a powerful method for backing up and archiving emails and other data, and moving email between mailboxes and accounts.

Intermedia’s Outlook Backup is an easy-to-use, web-based tool that allows to leverage the power of .PST files to get the most value from your Intermedia hosted Exchange account.

  • Migrate. When moving to hosted Exchange, it’s important to take your existing emails with you so you can continue to access them through your Intermedia account. Outlook Backup makes the process of uploading your legacy email to Intermedia fast and easy. Simply export your current emails to a .PST file, and use Outlook Backup to upload your .PST files to Intermedia servers. Once uploaded, you can link the .PST.
  • Back Up and Restore. Once up and running with Intermedia, Outlook Backup transforms from a migration tool to a robust backup and recovery solution. Schedule daily, weekly or monthly backups of entire mailboxes or select folders to PST file format for online and/or offline storage. Need to restore from a backup? Outlook Backup’s simple recovery process enables you to quickly restore messages from a .PST file to your mailbox.
  • Archive. Outlook Backup can also function as a simple archiving solution. Use Outlook Backup to archive old emails to reduce mailbox size, store emails from former employees, or create a single location with all emails associated with a specific event or project


Read more about the Office in the Cloud Plans™ Pricing and Features.

Outlook Backup is available for $9.99 for 5 GB of storage.

10 GB of Outlook Backup storage is included per user on the Everything plans. All other plans include 500 MB of storage per account.

Outlook Backup is included free of charge for the first 90 days of service for new accounts to ensure smooth migration to Intermedia.

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