Exchange Email

As the world’s leading email platform, Exchange unifies business email, calendar, contacts and other Microsoft® applications. Intermedia provides all this functionality in the cloud with multiple deployment options, allowing you to deploy email in the cloud on your terms.

Intermedia’s Exchange Email lets your company communicate and collaborate more effectively than with other email platforms—no matter how you deploy it.

Why Exchange Email?

Business is no longer confined to the office. Exchange is designed specifically for touchscreens, mobile usability and offline productivity. This helps ensure employees can be efficient regardless of location or device— even when they’re offline.

And when you deploy Exchange in the cloud you offload the costs of an on-premises deployment. There is no longer a need to purchase servers and license software, or spend weeks building or upgrading your infrastructure.

Exchange or POP Business Email

POP Email is one of the most basic forms of business email with a customized domain. Unlike Exchange Email, POP Email stores emails on your hard drive—not in the cloud server. As a result, POP Email doesn’t allow you to sync with your other devices, so it tends to be a good fit only for users who don’t use email frequently or require calendar or contact syncing. Because of this, most business users prefer to go with an Exchange solution.

Why Private Cloud?

A private cloud lets you deploy services in an environment that's not shared with other companies. In this "dedicated" environment, you have greater freedom to customize, integrate and control your services, enabling larger organizations to embrace the cloud in a way that fulfills business requirements and works with existing applications.

Private Cloud Exchange with AWS

Intermedia's Private Cloud Exchange on AWS provides an Exchange Email solution built on a single-tenant cloud powered by AWS. This allows AWS customers to deploy email in a customizable and flexible dedicated environment while benefiting from the support, reliability and security expertise of the largest independent leader of Exchange Email.

Intermedia Worry-Free Experience™

Your data is private and protected in our secure, SOC 2-audited cloud.

Your data is private and protected in our secure, SOC 2-audited cloud.


Every Intermedia service offers a 99.999% uptime Service Level Agreement.


If you have questions, we're here to answer them 24/7.


Intermedia services help you maintain regulatory compliance.


Our Cloud Concierge™ experts help you move into the cloud with no data loss.


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