Intermedia’s Partnership Models

Choose on a customer-by-customer basis between our Private Label and Advisor models for partnership.

Private Label & Advisor

Intermedia enables you to sell cloud services without changing how you do business. Our two partnership models are designed to adapt to individual customer needs. You can choose on a customer-by-customer basis how you want to do business. Keep reading to see how the two models—Private Label and Advisor—compare to each other.

Private Label Model

Private Label

Advisor Model


Who owns the customer relationship?

ThrottleNet's Mike Heil praises Intermedia's approach to customer ownership

Private Label

You own the customer relationship.

You retain full ownership of billing, branding, bundling and every other element of your customer relationship.


We both own the customer relationship.

You leverage our brand, billing and support, but we won’t actively market to your customers.

Who closes the deal?

MTG's Ettore Dragone talks about Intermedia's sales assistance

Private Label

You close the deal.

Behind the scenes, we'll help you with white-labeled marketing material and expert sales assistance every step of the way.


You close the deal.

You can leverage our brand with co-branded marketing materials. We’ll also provide behind-the-scenes sales assistance every step of the way.

How do you make money?

Hybridge's Martin Dunsby describes his business model

Private Label

You set your own margins.

We bill you for a wholesale price and you bill your customer at a price you determine.


You get ongoing commissions.

Your customer pays our retail prices. We give you a one-time and recurring commission.

Who provides technical support?

O'Brien Technologies' Shannon O'Brien on his experience with Intermedia's support experts

Private Label

You provide technical support. (And we'll support you).

You'll provide support to your customers. We'll back you up with 24/7 phone and chat support.


We provide technical support.

Our support experts will be here for your customers 24/7.

What does it cost you?


There are no minimum commitments or time consuming certification requirements. There’s no cost to become a partner.

How to sign up as a partner today

First, provide your company info

We need your phone number, address and the login credentials you’d like to use to access our portal.

Second, provide your billing information

This step is only required if you intend leverage the private label model, which requires a credit card. We will ONLY charge your account if you activate service for customers.

Third, agree to our standard T’s & C’s

Click to acknowledge that you’ve read and agree to our terms and conditions. You won’t find anything out of the ordinary; 6,000+ partners have already agreed to them.


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