Intermedia’s NFR Program

Build a custom-configured set of cloud services for your company’s use at a discount!

Our not-for-resale program enables partners to use our services at a discount
Our not-for-resale program enables partners to use our services at a discount. And some are even FREE! The NFR program is structured to allow you to build a custom configured set of services for your company’s use.
It’s one thing to sell a product
It’s one thing to sell a product. It’s another thing to evangelize for a product you use yourself. Start using our products and services, you’ll love them—which will make selling that much easier.



All partners are eligible to purchase all NFR services as soon as they sign up as an Intermedia partner. Partners are required to produce a minimum of $250 in net new MRR every 6 months in order to retain this benefit. Partners must continue to be in good standing with Intermedia and not be in violation of any agreements or be past due on any obligations. NFR services are for internal use only and may not be resold. Partners must engage their sales executive to participate in the program. Intermedia reserves the right to discontinue, or change the terms of, its free-use NFR program at any time.

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