Why Businesses are Choosing Office 365

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Medium and large size companies – those with over 1,000 employees – are choosing the Microsoft® Office 365 productivity suite in droves. Office 365 has 30% of this market, compared to 15% for its next largest rival. Of the total market, it has 25.2% versus Google Apps’ 22.8%.

So why are four out of five Fortune 500 companies choosing Office 365 for their cloud productivity apps?

Familiar Productivity Suite

While these apps are online and greatly improved, the familiar UI means no one needs to be retrained. The majority of professionals out there knows how PowerPoint®, Word, Excel®, and Outlook® function, and can get right to work when they join your company. This is especially helpful when you have other systems in place they need to learn, like a project management flow or internal presentation standards. Why waste weeks learning the nuances that separate one spreadsheet app from another?

Compatible for All Employees

Some companies let employees choose between a Mac and a PC, or just let people bring their own computers to work – it shouldn’t be a hindrance. Fully-featured files that can live on a desktop and in the cloud are compatible for any kind of workstation. You can be assured that all users in your company will have the latest productivity suite, because with Office 365 you always get updated automatically to the newest version.

Reliability & Improved Continuity

The real benefit of using a cloud-based productivity suite is knowing that your data is secure. If there’s a local power outage in your office, or just a few hard drives that get a virus, all of your vital data will have been backed up to your private, secure cloud, automatically. This means that you could continue working from the latest version of a document right after an event like this, just by getting on a different machine – even if it has to be your smartphone. This kind of business continuity is worth the migration, and with Office 365 through Intermedia, you will have access to 24/7 customer support by phone and email, just in case.

Collaboration from any location

Whether it’s a work-from-home vendor, an employee at a satellite location, or an off-site sales rep checking in from his phone, anyone can work together on these apps and always be sure to have the latest version of a document. While working together, they can see others currently editing a document, presentation or spreadsheet, make notes and comments for other editors, or just chat to discuss changes in real time.

Better Control & Supervision

Since you can see who is working on a document and edits are timestamped, you can monitor the activity of off-site employees, which can be helpful during evaluations. You can even add and remove features of individual users if you find it necessary to protect company assets, through a remote access portal called HostPilot. It can be used from a mobile device, too.

Scalability and Integration

Since you can add and remove user accounts as your needs change, you don’t have to be locked in to any unnecessary or inadequate services. Through Intermedia, you can sync accounts and users with Exchange, hosted phone service, Salesforce and other office necessities on a user-by-user basis, so you only pay for what you need. Explore pricing and platform integration to learn more.


Office 365 is taking off among the world’s most successful companies. Learn more about how it can improve your efficiency, productivity, and collaboration today!



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