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Moving from an on-premises deployment to the cloud is one of the most important IT decisions that businesses can face. The cloud delivers exciting advantages when it comes to reliability, IT management and total cost of ownership.

However, once you are in the cloud and use email solutions, voice applications or cloud services like Office 365™ to run your business, you start looking for more control and customization. Additionally, for many organizations, it makes sense to keep some of their applications on-premises, which is why you need a model that gives you more flexibility.

Achieving more flexibility

How can you achieve more flexibility in the cloud? First, select a provider that can accommodate your company's requirements. Today, you have multiple choices. You can try Google, Office 365, an independent cloud service provider or an infrastructure-as-a-service solution like Amazon AWS, VMware, OpenStack (the open-source alternative), etc.

Second, evaluate your needs for flexibility, customization, control and security in the cloud. We recommend that you work with a vendor that offers the capabilities to integrate and customize your system to address your specific IT requirements. However, the majority of cloud vendors offer an “all-or-nothing” approach where you are constrained by their terms.

Not many service providers are willing to adapt their terms to each customer.  This creates multiple challenges related to data security, the lack of support for integration and a more controlled access to the cloud for only a selected group of employees. For example, you may want to limit the use of Exchange Email, Office 365 or to FTEs.  Since cloud platforms are the keys that unlock the productivity and financial advantages of cloud computing, this decision, no matter how you look at it, will be a compromise. You want to make sure you have made the best possible choice in the very beginning. For businesses that have high needs for flexibility, customization, control and security, some cloud solutions like Google Apps™ or Microsoft Office 365 may not meet them.

Intermedia Private Cloud accommodates your business needs

Intermedia’s managed Private Cloud provides the necessary level of customization and Intermedia will work with you to select the best design and architecture, as well as provide ad-hoc integration and customized security controls to address your IT needs.

Intermedia can build a Private Cloud that accommodates requirements in network security, logging and security appliances. We provide a broad range of customizations that can add an additional level of security, including PST replication to customer-based servers, custom DNS changes, data replication site at customer premises, private networking, custom log retention, IP-address restrictions, IPsec VPN connectivity, MPLS/peering available, in-line security appliances, collocated equipment, and customized tape rotation. 

Private Cloud provides not only greater flexibility in terms of customization but also integration with some of your own infrastructure. These integrations can include backup, archiving, data loss prevention, encryption, and single sign-on, among many others. With Intermedia’s managed Private Cloud, you can seamlessly integrate your internal and third party applications.  You’ll get the cost benefit of the cloud while maintaining flexibility in a dedicated environment.

So, which applications can be integrated with Intermedia’s Private Cloud?

With Intermedia’s Private Cloud you are not constrained by the vendor’s terms and their “all-or-nothing policy.” We will build you a private cloud solution that is tailor-made and designed around your business needs. And we will give you the option of having your Private Cloud on the cloud platform of your choice or in our datacenters.


Office 365 is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.  Google Apps is a trademark of Google Inc.  

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