Office 365 and Email Archiving: Strengthen Compliance

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For most businesses, Email Archiving is extremely important; but for regulated industries, it’s a requirement.  For financial services firms, the SEC, FINRA, GLBA, NASD and other regulatory agencies mandate retention of certain records related to clients, transactions and services. For healthcare organizations, HIPAA and state regulations set requirements for retaining patient records. Law firms and other companies can also be subject to these regulations if they have access to these records. These regulations require businesses to maintain a robust and tamperproof archive of records for set periods of time and in some cases, indefinitely.

The built-in archiving functionality with Microsoft Office 365™ makes it very attractive for all industries. However, for heavily regulated industries including healthcare, financial services or legal, additional functionality might be required. In some Office 365 deployments, the email archiving may lack critical compliance features.

Tamper-proof Repository

When email is properly archived, data is stored in perpetuity with no ability to delete or modify the messages or attachments.  This is especially important when companies are involved in litigation because the court won’t allow email to be submitted as evidence if there is no proof it hasn’t been altered. With Office 365, emails in the archive are susceptible to alteration and if an employee leaves the company, these emails can be permanently deleted if not placed on hold.  This could leave companies at risk of losing critical business data.

Robust eDiscovery

To meet compliance requirements, it is imperative that every email and every attachment is preserved and protected to reduce the costs associated with eDiscovery in the event of litigation.  Emails need to be easily searchable and retained for mandated periods of time. Because search results are copied and maintained in a discovery mailbox access via Outlook®, it can be very difficult to review a large number of emails across numerous mailboxes efficiently. In-Place Hold capabilities aren’t able to capture distribution lists or BCCs which limits the completeness of records from all senders.  Office 365 eDiscovery may not be as granular or sophisticated as many businesses require. 

Intermedia Email Archiving enhances Office 365 with tamper-proof data preservation

Intermedia’s Email Archiving offers more sophisticated and granular functionality.  It offers unlimited storage capability and scalability, 100% capture across all devices and full indexing and extraction of 500+ file types, including attachments.  In addition, it also provides:

Secure, tamper-proof archive

Intermedia’s Email Archiving captures 100% of all emails sent or received from any device.  They are indexed so they are easily retrievable and can be presented during eDiscovery, provided as part of an audit trail, or just restored to an active mailbox. With Intermedia’s Email Archiving, emails use WORM storage to ensure they are tamper proof and are stored in a form that a court of law will recognize. 

Data is also replicated and encrypted both in-transit and at-rest to ensure it is protected from loss, corruption, damage or misuse.  And it is held indefinitely so data is always available--even if an employee leaves the company. 

Advanced eDiscovery

Without proper eDiscovery, the costs of litigation can soar – potentially up to hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Intermedia’s Email Archiving makes eDiscovery simple and easy, advanced full-text indexing and the ability to search across millions of emails in every mailbox in your account within seconds.  Adding Intermedia’s Email Archiving to your Office 365 deployment will help ensure that all of your messages are always available so that you can quickly search, identify and recover all of your emails.

Additional reliability and support

Adding a third-party archiving service to Office 365 helps reduce the risk of not being able to access your archived content in case your email service is unavailable.  Intermedia’s Email Archiving disperses and replicates data across various data centers.  This helps to ensure data is always available and lowers the risk of data loss.    

In addition to reliability, Intermedia’s Email Archiving also includes 24/7 expert technical support where our Cloud Concierge™ onboarding team will help you get your account set up and your data migrated.

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