Custom URL Rebranding Program Pricing and Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Custom URL Rebranding Program rebrand?

Intermedia's Custom URL Rebranding program allows partners to rebrand the End-User control panel, the Administrative control panel, the Knowledge Base, Outlook Web-Access login page, and the My Services login page. Participation in the program in conjunction with Payment Gateway also enables partners to use a rebranded customer facing Create Account Wizard.

How much does the program cost?

Program enrollment costs $120.00. Maintenance of the service costs an additional $25.00 per month. Renewal certificates are installed for a reduced fee of $60.00.

Why does participation in the program incur these costs?

Initial installation involves configuration of an internal virtual server to handle requests for rebranded services. Installation of certificates also involves System Administrator time which is not covered under normal SLAs. The monthly charge represents the cost to provision a static IP address for the partner to provide rebranded services for the Partner's private label and to cover support and maintenance costs for this infrastructure.

What Certificate Providers are supported?

Intermedia needs a Personal Information Exchange PKCS 12 (PFX) export of the SSL Certificate purchased from the SSL Provider and the URL requested for rebranded services.

What does Intermedia need to configure Custom URL Rebranding for a Partner?

Intermedia has tested and supports SSL Certificates from Entrust (www.entrust.com), GeoTrust (www.geotrust.com), GoDaddy (www.godaddy.com), and Thawte (www.thawte.com). Certificates from other providers can be used, however Intermedia cannot guarantee that certification path errors will not occur. Please contact your SSL Provider with additional questions about ensuring valid certification paths-generally, Intermedia is not in a position to assist.

What if a CSR/PFX export cannot be provided?

In some cases, a Partner may not be able to provide a CSR (certificate signing request) to their SSL Provider or generate a PFX themselves. Intermedia can generate a CSR for you and can also generate the PFX export from the certificate returned by the SSL Provider if an Intermedia-provided CSR is used. Please contact whitelabel@intermedia.net indicating a CSR is required. Once the SSL Provider produces the SSL Certificate, please provide this as well.

What information does Intermedia require to generate a CSR?

To provide a CSR for you, please submit a request to whitelabel@intermedia.net including the following information:

  • Country Code: e.g. US
  • Organization: e.g. Your Company
  • Organization Unit: e.g. Email Services
  • State or Province: e.g. California
  • Locality or City: e.g. Sunnyvale
  • Common Name: e.g. exchange.yourcompany.com
  • Bit-Length: e.g. 2048 bit (contact your SSL Provider for assistance)

Please use the location information using your own company information. Once you receive your CSR from Intermedia, please provide it to your SSL Provider.

What type of certificate does Intermedia need to configure Custom URL Rebranding for a Partner?

Intermedia suggests an IIS7 or Exchange 2010 type certificate.

I've provided the CSR to my SSL Provider and received a certificate-now what?

Please provide the certificate to Intermedia. We will generate a PFX and forward this to our System Administrators to configure Rebranded Services.

Intermedia has notified me that services have been configured-how do I expose services to my customers?

Once the PFX has been provided to our System Administrators and rebranding has been completed, Intermedia will provide the IP-address of the gateway to the Partner. The Partner should contact their DNS Provider and have an A Record created for the domain specified to be used for the program.

What URLs are rebranded services available at?

Normally, the following naming convention is used to expose rebranded services (in the following example, exchange.yourdomain.com is used in place of the URL associated with your certificate):

  • End-User Control Panel - https://exchange.yourdomain.com
  • Partner Portal - https://exchange.yourdomain.com/admin
  • Create Account Wizard - https://exchange.yourdomain.com/signup*
  • OWA and My Services Login Page - https://exchange.yourdomain.com/mail
  • Knowledge Base - https://exchange.yourdomain.com/kb
  • * Note: The sign-up wizard is depends on participation in the Intermedia provider Payment Gateway program. Please contact our Private Label Relations department for assistance with Payment Gateway (1-800-379-7729x469 orplrrelations@intermedia.net)
What services are not affected by rebranding?

Intermedia's Custom URL Rebranding program does not allow a partner to change the Exchange server URLs used for mail-client and mobile devices, and does not change the MX records which are used for accounts. Once an end-user logs into OWA, the URL will reflect the Exchange Server URL for the server they are connecting to.

How do I discontinue participation in the Custom URL Rebranding program?

Please contact Support (1-800-379-7729, Option 3 or plrsupport@intermedia.net or whitelabel@intermedia.net and indicate the URL or IP address provisioned (if possible) requesting participation be terminated.

Where do I address additional questions or concerns not covered in this document?

Please forward all requests for additional information to whitelabel@intermedia.net.