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POP Email

Get a custom email address for your business in minutes.

  • Make your business
    look more professional

  • Low monthly pricing

  • Anti-spam, anti-virus,
    1GB of space and webmail

What you get with POP Email

  • A professional look to clients and prospects
  • Low monthly price
  • Free anti-spam and anti-virus scanning
  • 1 GB of space and webmail
  • Business-grade email from Intermedia, the world's largest independent provider of Hosted Exchange email
  • All POP Email plans include Microsoft Outlook synchronization

Don't have a domain name?

If you do not have a web domain name (such as ""), click the link below—or, better yet, ask your Intermedia sales representative for help. You can still sign up even without a domain name and get a semi-customized email address that you can use until your domain is ready.

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POP Email pricing

POP Email starts at just $9.95 per month plus as low as $0.69 per mailbox, per month.


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