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Secure Certificate by Geotrust

Ensure the security of your online visitors and win trust in your site.

A secure certificate is a 'must-have' feature for many Web sites nowadays, and especially for sites handling customer or payment information. With an optional GeoTrust secure certificate, your Intermedia Web site will ensure the highest security for site visitors.

With the latest GeoTrust technology and the 'smart' seal, customers can be sure their sensitive information will never be exposed or intercepted en route when they make purchases or submit information.

Pricing for Intermedia Customers

GeoTrust Quick SSL Premium Certificates pricing for one year starts at 129.00, with increasing discounts if you choose to pre-pay:

$129.00 1 year ($229 retail value)
$225.75 2 years ($401 retail value)
$322.50 3 years ($572 retail value)
$419.25 4 years ($744 retail value)
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(Click on "Buy QuickSSL Certificate" - Intermedia will provide free installation once it is purchased.)

Existing 'E-Commerce' plan customers - please view this Knowledge base article before purchasing your QuickSSL Certificate.

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