How to Future-Proof Your Business with Cloud PBX

The key to future-proofing is scalability, and when it comes to phone systems, nothing is more scalable than Cloud PBX.

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Plan for the Best to Avoid the Worst

Any successful business must grow to survive. As your company moves from small to mid-sized, or from modest to massive, you need to have office infrastructure and equipment that is able to keep pace. Just as you wouldn’t want to grow so fast there weren’t enough salespeople to answer all the calls coming in, likewise, you wouldn’t want to have too few phone lines to manage these calls.

At the same time, you don’t want to get too ahead of yourself – why invest heavily in systems you can’t be sure you’ll fully use? The key to future-proofing is to seek out solutions that are easily scaled, so you don’t get caught playing catch-up when business increases. When it comes to phone systems, nothing is more scalable than Cloud PBX.

How Does Cloud PBX or Voice Work?

As opposed to a static, technician-installed landline, a Hosted Voice solution is a web-based phone system that is simple to implement and even easier to scale. The functionality is housed offsite – this includes individual lines, voicemail record storage, and everything else. In the rare cases that something does go wrong, failover solutions such as re-routing to a mobile phone or the auto-attendant spring into action, while someone is working to fix the issue. This level of service and vigilance is covered by the flat rate price you pay for the service.

Carefully Control Costs

One of the key benefits of using a Cloud PBX solution is that all of your services are under one flat monthly fee, which can save you 50% or more compared to conventional phone lines. This means you can easily predict your phone bill and expenses in present and future budgets, and avoid being caught off-guard by unexpected phone costs.

Add Lines, Not Price

The biggest way that Cloud PBX helps businesses expand to the next level is by making it easy and affordable to add lines when needed. Whereas landlines require a lengthy installation process and large price hikes per line, and traditional PBX requires tinkering with a large onsite server, adding a line to a Cloud PBX service couldn’t be easier. You simply order a new handset, plug it in and use the admin dashboard to add a user. You pay a small increase to your flat rate per additional line without any setup costs or time wasted. Scaling your IT budget as your staff grows is easy with a Cloud PBX system in place.

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A Workforce at Home and On-the-Go

As today’s workers become more mobile and as more business takes place out of the office, you need a way to keep everyone in the loop and available for calls. With Cloud PBX from Intermedia, you can set desktop calls to automatically forward to your employees’ mobile phones with Find Me and Follow Me in the dashboard. You can even set desktop and mobile phones to ring at the same time. These features can help your company never miss a client call again!

If you or your staff needs to work from home, you can go with the mobile option listed above. You could also simply grab your office handset and plug it into your home internet connection. When someone calls the office, your phone will ring just the same. This is also ideal if you’re frequently visiting a satellite office.

Expand Your Reach, Not Your Fees

Landlines charge heavy fees when calling to other countries, but a Cloud PBX solution uses an internet connection so there’s no extra cost to call anywhere in the world. Whether you’re planning your first foray into a foreign market, or simply dreaming big for future expansions, it’s easy to make global calls a reality with Intermedia.               

Conferences with Low Expenses

It might as well be an adage – the larger the business, the more conference calls it will have. Prep for these with a Hosted Voice solution. SmartConferencing can connect up to 100 people on the same line, so you don’t need multiple lines until your business grows to that level. You can opt for pay-per-use service if the conference calls aren’t frequent enough for a subscription. 

Fully featured with conference waiting and the ability to connect guests using any kind of phone, SmartConferencing allows your growing business to maintain its professional image as you work with larger and larger clients.

Simplify your expenses, increase your functionality, and future-proof your company with Cloud PBX by Intermedia.

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