Health Check Reduces Costs by 85 Percent using Intermedia’s Cloud PBX Services for Healthcare

The Background

Health Check, Inc. knows a thing or two about phones because they use them all day long. That’s because the auditing and revenue recovery team calls insurance companies on behalf of hospitals that don’t have the time or resources to pursue the additional revenue they’re owed.

In business for 20+ years, Health Check’s operations have expanded from Florida to Mississippi, Missouri and California. With communications as its livelihood, Health Check was feeling the impact of having its many employees spread across the U.S. Using a different phone provider for each location had become very expensive, and trying to add new lines was a huge burden.

Wasanaa Smith, IT Security Officer at Health Check, elaborates on the situation: “Most of our systems were set up to enable employees to work anywhere, but not our phones. We had a really expensive on-premises PBX server and someone had to be available at all times to restart it, in case it went down. We also lacked the simplicity of reporting that one unified voice system would provide.”

Health Check knew it wanted a VoIP system that would unify its operations, but could a cloud voice provider also address healthcare compliance at a reasonable cost?

Health Check

Company Profile:
Health Check is an auditing and revenue recovery company serving healthcare providers

Industry: Healthcare

Headquarters: Port Saint Joe, Florida

Intermedia’s customer since: 2013

The Challenge

“We take protecting sensitive patient information very seriously,” said Smith. “We needed a voice system that complied with HIPAA’s requirements, but we couldn’t afford to spend a fortune on it. Cisco® offered the system and security that we were looking for, but the prices were simply higher than we could afford.”

Smith explains how Health Check came to consider Intermedia’s voice services: “Our CFO had a positive experience with Intermedia from a past company and felt strongly that Health Check would benefit from Intermedia’s support for HIPAA compliance and experience with healthcare clients. We’ve been using Intermedia since 2013 for our email and archiving needs. We’ve loved Intermedia ever since. Knowing the reliability and privacy that Intermedia offers on the data side, we figured, why not try Intermedia’s VoIP services.”

The Solution

Health Check signed up for a risk-free, 30-day trial, but it didn’t take long until they were sold. “After less than a week, we were ready to sign up! The quality of the line was excellent, which was a huge improvement over our old system. This alone was enough for us to make the switch. The estimated savings were icing on the cake,” explained Smith.

With Intermedia’s Cloud PBX service, Health Check doesn’t have to worry about fluctuating phone bills. Smith explains: “Our calling department spends every minute on the phone, often without the availability of toll-free numbers, so we never knew what our phone bill would look like. With Intermedia, we receive one consistent statement no matter the volume of calls made. Managers also get access to call reports for quality assurance and training purposes. This is invaluable to the business.”

Whether you are looking to grow your business now or there’s potential down the line, you’ll be glad to have Intermedia by your side. Intermedia can save you money, and make any level of expansion easier on both IT and employees.

Wasanaa Smith,
IT Security Officer, Health Check

Products They Use

The Results

By consolidating its voice services with Intermedia, Health Check has outfitted the entire company with phone service for less than the previous phone carrier was charging for just the Florida office. Put another way, Health Check is paying less to provide phone service to its entire employee base than they were previously paying for just one office – an incredible savings of 85 percent!

“With Intermedia, I have one system to manage,” said Smith. “There’s one integrated cross-office system, with just one phone bill. I don’t have to deal with switches and servers. Because Intermedia supports HIPAA compliance, I have one less thing to worry about. If we get audited or when we bring on new clients, Intermedia helps us demonstrate that we are secure.”

“Gone are the days of sitting by an on-premises server anticipating the worst. Thanks to the experience we’ve had with Intermedia, everything we do is cloud-based now. Intermedia simplifies the onboarding process. I can order a phone and have a new employee set up in five minutes flat,” said Smith.

Smith concludes with her top piece of advice for other companies considering Intermedia’s business applications: “Whether you are looking to grow your business now or there’s potential down the line, you’ll be glad to have Intermedia by your side. Intermedia can save you money, and make any level of expansion easier on both IT and employees.”


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