Let down by Google Apps' support, Town & Country Event Rentals chooses Intermedia


LA is known for its parties. And if you’re an LA party planner, Town & Country Event Rentals is first on your speed dial. Town & Country’s 350 employees work inside offices and remotely throughout Southern California to bring distinctive and elegant events to life.

Email is Town & Country’s primary form of communication. When the company was smaller and younger, the free version of Google Business Email worked for them. As they grew, they upgraded to the paid version. But one day, everything changed.

“Everything was fine until we upgraded to Microsoft Office 2013,” says Hamilton O’Biecunas, IT Associate at Town & Country. “Then we started experiencing compatibility problems between Google Apps and Microsoft.”

“Compatibility problems.” Two words you don’t want to hear in the event planning business. The company had a serious problem.

Town & Country Event Rentals

Company Profile:
A well-known event planning company in Southern California, with 350 employees across the region.

Industry: Event/Party Rentals

Headquarters: Los Angeles

Intermedia’s customer since: 2013

The Challenge

There were two main issues: first, users were receiving an average of 50 invitations for the same meeting; and second, email signatures started appearing as attachments. Inboxes were being flooded with clutter, disrupting productivity and skyrocketing their mailbox sizes. They were in danger of going over their storage quotas and incurring fees.

O’Biecunas tried working with Google support. But they were extremely unresponsive. “More than once, I had to wait three days for Google support to follow up with me,” says O’Biecunas.

Enough was enough. “We decided it was time to find a new email service,” O’Biecunas says. “I recommended hosted Microsoft Exchange because it’s more powerful and easier to manage than Google Apps.”

He quickly narrowed his search down to two providers: Intermedia and Office 365. He was impressed with the breadth of Intermedia’s hosted Exchange services as well as the ease of integration, especially for Email Archiving. And with two-thirds of Town & Country’s employees working in the field, he was also pleased by the mobile experience that Intermedia promised.

But his decision ultimately came down to two things: migration and support.

The Solution

Office 365 had a slightly lower list price per mailbox. But as O’Biecunas dug deeper, he discovered lots of other hidden costs—including, most significantly, a massive migration investment. That’s because Office 365 doesn’t provide migration services. Town & Country would have to hire a consultant to migrate all of their data, contacts and email history from Google to Office 365.

On the other hand, as O’Biecunas learned, Intermedia’s Cloud Concierge™ team provides white-glove migration services that promised to migrate Town & Country’s data smoothly, set up their Exchange environment correctly, configure their users and assure a seamless cutover with no disruption to business.

“Microsoft really doesn’t have a solution for migration beyond pushing you to a third-party provider,” O’Biecunas says. “That’s why I kept coming back to Intermedia. They offered everything I needed to make the migration simple and turnkey.”

For O’Biecunas, it was an easy decision. But would the experience be as smooth as the promise?

That's why I kept coming back to Intermedia. They offered everything I needed to make the migration simple and turnkey.

HAMILTON O'BIECUNAS, IT Associate, Town & Country,

Products They Use

The Results

“On Friday, I had Intermedia start the migration,” O’Biecunas says. “And by Sunday, most of the mailboxes were fully migrated. I was really impressed by the whole migration process. It was flawless.

“And now that we’re up and running, Intermedia support gives me speedy answers to my questions. Even if they need to research the issue, they get back to me within an hour or two—which is another big difference from our treatment by Google.”

Switching to Intermedia freed up O’Biecunas to focus on more important projects. He figures he’s getting back 2 hours of every day that he would otherwise have spent handling email issues.

O’Biecunas and Town & Country’s leadership were so pleased with their service from Intermedia that they quickly added Email Archiving to their hosted Exchange service. “It used to be a lot of work to perform eDiscovery,” O’Biecunas says. “It once took me 6 weeks to find data to meet a request. But now searching takes minutes, not days.”

Thanks to Intermedia’s worry-free experience, O’Biecunas is relaxed and Town & Country’s email system is fully supporting their growth. This has left him and his team free to start their next major IT project—researching Cloud PBX services. Intermedia is at the top of their list.

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